'Projek: Anchor SPM' IRL: O-Level Students In S'pore Actually Pulled An Epic Exam Cheating Stunt

How long did they plan this?

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'Projek: Anchor SPM' IRL: O-Level Students In S'pore Actually Pulled An Epic Exam Cheating Stunt
If you've been watching 'Projek: Anchor SPM', you're probably familiar with the stress every SPM student go through when the examinations are near.

The TV series follow a group of SPM students as they try to pass their examinations by any means necessary - even plotting an elaborate plan to cheat their way through the exams.

Just when we thought things like these happen only in TV series or movies, a group of students decided to try it IRL.

Elaborate cheating stunt

In Singapore, a group of students were busted after they were caught in an elaborate cheating scheme while sitting for their O-level exam back in 2016.

But there’s a twist to their story: instead of having a super genius leading the ring like in the 'Projek: Anchor SPM' series, their tuition teachers were allegedly in it too!

The case allegedly happened back in 2016. Six Chinese national students sneakily smuggled their smartphones and Bluetooth devices into the exam hall by taping them underneath their clothes.

Last time we wanted to cheat using our cellphone also takut-takut.
The answers were then given by their tutor through skin-coloured earpieces.

Not only that, one of their tutors named Tan Jia Yan even went to the extent of posing as a private candidate so that she could take the exam. She allegedly then Facetime'd other tutors to alert them about the questions through her carefully concealed phone.

Walaoweh, so sophisticated!

But, how did they get caught?

The high-stakes scheme was foiled during the fifth day of the examinations after an invigilator reportedly heard transmission sounds coming from one of the students and immediately reported that person.

The invigilator got elephant ears, is it?
The student was allowed to finish his paper but was later taken to a holding room when the truth finally revealed.

The stint involved four tutors, including a principal from the Zeus Education Centre.

The whole scheme started when a Chinese man named Mr Dong Xin introduced the six students to the tuition centre. Dong then signed an agreement with the principal, Poh Yuan Nie, where she would receive SGD8,000 (RM23,747.88) in deposit and SGD1,000 (RM2,968.48) in admission fees for each student.

But there’s a catch: she must refund the money if the students failed their exams.

Tan pleaded guilty for all the charges.
For her troubles, Tan pleaded guilty to 27 cheating charges in 2019 and was sentenced to three years' jail.

Projek: Anchor SPM

If the listicle above brings back some memories (hopefully, good ones!), well, you'll definitely like 'Projek: Anchor SPM'. 

'Projek: Anchor SPM' is a teen-centred drama set in a fictitious boarding school called Tengku Isa Anuar School (STIA) located in Cameron Highlands.

The students at this school wear sweaters, play rugby and have school jerseys which they don with pride. 

A unique setting.

Not your typical Malaysian school
While the whole look may be quite different from the usual sekolah menengah, the students there still face the same headache - scoring straight A's for SPM. 

And that's the whole premise of the story. 

Popular student and captain of the rugby team Aizat.Popular student and captain of the rugby team Aizat (Aedy Ashraf) keeps getting into trouble and is eventually given an ultimatum by his headmaster Awang (Adlin Aman Ramlie) to either score 8 A's in his SPM or be expelled. 

Pressured and pushed to a corner, Aizat comes up with a clever plan to get the school brainiac Aaidaa (Daiyan Trisha) to help him and the whole batch score by cheating during the exams. 

Coming up with a plan.Together with a host of colourful friends played by actors Sasha Abedul, Nadhir Nasar (Champion of 'Hero Remaja 2020') Chubb-E (Winner of Most Popular New Artist at the '33rd Anugerah Bintang Popular BH') and more, the students go through all sorts of challenges in an attempt to beat the system. 

Also starring in the series are popular actors Hasnul Rahmat (Best Supporting Actor at the 30th Malaysian Film Festival), Tony Eusoff and Susan Lankester. 

You can catch the season finale of 'Projek: Anchor SPM' this coming Monday (3 May) at 9pm on Astro Citra (CH108). If you want to catch up on the series, you can stream all episodes of it on Astro GO and On Demand.

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