Instafamous Fined For Flouting SOP In Viral TikTok Video Filmed With Frontliners

Was it even necessary?

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Instafamous Fined For Flouting SOP In Viral TikTok Video Filmed With Frontliners
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One expensive TikTok video...

Beauty entrepreneur Hafiz Mahamad recently came under fire when he posted a video content about interstate travel during Hari Raya, which featured two policemen and army personnel at a roadblock.
Many questioned the need for the video and how did he manage to coax the frontliners into participating his skit as well as not wearing a facemask in the video.
There were also those who enjoyed his content and were touched by the sentiment portrayed in it.

A very expensive TikTok video

In the end, his video not only cost him the wrath of netizens but also a compound.
According to Bernama, the instafamous was fined RM1,500 for not wearing a facemask in his video which involved police and army personnel in uniform on his social media account.
Putrajaya district police chief, ACP Mohd Fadzil Ain, said in a statement that Hafiz was fined for violating the COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).
PDRM had detected the video, which was uploaded on Sunday, 2 May at 9.15pm and found out that it was filmed in Bukit Rimau, Presint 3, Putrajaya.
Mohd Fadzil added that the video clearly shows the instafamous not wearing a facemask while mocking reasons usually given by Malaysians for interstate travel.
The two police officers and Malaysian Armed Forces personnel were attached to the Putrajaya IPD Recovery Movement Control Order SOPs compliance team.
“I have never allowed the video to be recorded or published, and no payment was received by PDRM in this case,” he clarified.
There are many ways to create creative viral content, and this isn’t one of it, unless you don’t mind paying a fine or want all the attention.

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