The Best Of 2021 Raya Advertisements

We see a lot of masked people

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The Best Of 2021 Raya Advertisements
It's the time of the year again for us to shed some tears, laugh out loud and be reminded of what matters most in life. 

That's right. It's time for one of the most exciting things during festive seasons in Malaysia, advertisments. 

We're not sure if it's just us but there seem to be a lot more ads this year than usual. Took us a whole morning to get through the ones we found! 

After combing through as many ads as we could, here are our top 10 favourites in no particular order.

1) Singkap Sebalik Tingkap #LembaranBaharu

2) Watson Raya 2021 #RayaUnikRayaIkonic

3) Ini Iklan Raya, Tau?!

4) Kerana Azman

5) Pulanglah Nak

6) Syukur Raya

7) Andaian

8) Raya Si Sakan #NikmatiRayaBersama

9) Balik Tanjung Mana?

10) Hikmah Raya Aida


Wow... the ad-makers have sure outdone themselves this year with some unique ideas. 

Although many of us can't be home with family to celebrate due to the pandemic, let's not forget the things that matters most in life and continue to help each other in any way we can to get through this tough time. 

Selamat Hari Raya, guy! 

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