Cat In Indonesia Breaks Netizens' Hearts When It Started 'Crying' After Owner's Death

Poor kitty!

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Cat In Indonesia Breaks Netizens' Hearts When It Started 'Crying' After Owner's Death

Such a sweet, loyal kitty.

Animals have feelings too.

A cat in West Java, Indonesia has just proven this, and in the process, it broke a lot of hearts.

Pining for its owner

Tears of sadness.
The cat named Tatan has captured the hearts of many on social media recently.

According to Indonesian website Tribunnews, Tatan has been mourning the death of its owner and missing her so much, it started 'crying'.

Putri Yunita, the sister-in-law of the cat’s former owner, recently uploaded a video on TikTok to show how Tatan has been sleeping on its owner’s bed, and even sitting next to her grave.

Putri Yunita also told Tribunnews that Tatan has been crying since its owner passed away.

The cat stops crying when it sits on its owner's grave.
Putri Yunita said her sister-in-law had looked after Tatan for seven years, and they had formed a very close bond.

“And when she passed away, the cat had been crying as seen by its tears.

“But when I brought Tatan to her grave, it just sat there and stopped crying,” she was quoted as saying.

me and tatan miss you mimo✨🥰 @f13n4ch ##kucingoren

♬ day and night - isstea

The heart-breaking video has gone viral, having been viewed over a million times on the social media site.

Many netizens commented that they were touched by the bond the cat shared with its late owner, and they hope that the late owner's family members would take really good care of the loyal cat.

We share your pain, Tatan. Thank you for showing us that animals have feelings too.

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