Five Surprising Things We Absolutely Love About LEGO's Bonsai Tree Kit

A build full of lovely surprises.

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Five Surprising Things We Absolutely Love About LEGO's Bonsai Tree Kit
There's just something so enchanting about Bonsai Trees. 

Small in size, but the amount of work and devotion that goes into meticulously moulding and cultivating a Bonsai to look like a miniature version of a full-sized tree is no joke. 

This is probably why LEGO enthusiasts were thrilled when they released their Bonsai Tree set. 

We had the chance to build it recently and boy did we love all the cool surprises we found along the way. 

Read on to find out more.

#1 Unusual pieces galore

Because trees are so organically shaped, LEGO Designer a.k.a The LEGO Bonsai Master Nicolaas Vas had to include quite a number of interesting LEGO elements in this build. 

Bendy vines, root pieces (which were originally used as elephant trunks for former builds), movable leafy branches, tubular shaped parts that form the upper branch and squiggly bark details add character and dimension to this build. 

It was also just pretty cool to see how so many interesting bricks were placed together to form the foundation and the branches of the tree. Lovely!

Interesting pieces galore.

#Connected to nature

For nature-lovers, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find out that some of the pieces are actually made from plant-based plastic. 

Yes, that's a neat thing that LEGO has been working in its efforts to produce sustainable products.

The green branches, the white branch variant and some bark elements are all made from sustainably sourced sugarcane (that's how plant-based plastic is created). 

Awesome kan?

Plastic made from sugarcane.

#3 Shake, shake, shake to create some dirt

Just after completing the base and the main trunk of the Bonsai, there's one part where we were required to create the dirt or earth for the bottom of the tree. 

Instead of building the earth element, the instructions tell us to mix 200 circular pieces (which come in green and shades of brown) in a bag, shake shake shake, and pour it into the base. 

This creates a pebbly, earthy base that's texturised and looks pretty organic. 

You can then play around with the pebbles or "earth" to create the texture that you want for your Bonsai.

Pretty pebbles.

#4 A tree that blooms

The most exciting element of this Bonsai Tree build is that it blooms!

Nooooo, you don't water it, silly!

What you can do is change out the green foliage to a more colourful pink, white and purple version, turning the traditional Bonsai plant into a pretty Japanese Cherry Tree.

Both versions are oh, so pretty!

Both versions are pretty.

#5 Toadaly ribbeting finds

What do frogs have to do with Bonsai Trees? 

Well, for this build, EVERYTHING! 

Remember the pink Japanese Cherry version of the tree? Many of the "blossoms" are actually made using tiny pink coloured frogs! Yes, frogs! 

Toadal surprise.

We just love the quirkiness of it all, and you actually cannot tell if you're looking at the tree from afar. 

Among the many pink frogs, there is also one chocolate frog piece that is adorably placed under a movable branch. 

The chocolate frog is also a hidden feature for the green version of the Bonsai Tree.

When the branch is tilted down, you can hardly see the guy. Tilt-up, and tada! - a surprise chocolate frog. 

A challenging and interesting build

All in all, we actually really enjoyed this build. 

The interesting shapes that make up the main bark, the tree that transforms from green to a burst of pink and white and the 101 frogs (it's actually the greatest number of frogs used in any LEGO set so far) make this set a delight to put together. 

We also love how the back pages of the building instruction manual show all sorts of other inspirational models of the tree that can be put together with a little imagination. 

Some inspirational models.

It's no wonder that this set is sold out in so many places around the world. 

It not only makes a fantastic deco piece for your office desk or workspace at home but it's also full of little surprises.

If you spot it, grab it. You won't regret it!

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