Young Artist, Aniqah Shahmi, Wows Followers With Batik Skateboard Design


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Young Artist, Aniqah Shahmi, Wows Followers With Batik Skateboard Design
Skateboards are cool, so is batik. Together they are even cooler!

Budding artist Aniqah Shahmi, 17, has turned her new hobby into something even more exciting by adding a Malaysian touch to it. 


Having been interested in skateboarding for awhile, the SPM candidate finally decided to get herself one, but was not happy with the designs she found in the market.

"I wanted to be a skater for years but I never got around to it. MCO pushed me to buy a skateboard for myself since there was nothing else to do.

"But I didn't like any of the designs. So I decided to paint one on my own," she told Rojak Daily when we got in touch with her.

Aniqah shared her work on her social media platform, attracting the attention of many who loved her unique idea. 

"There are many people interested in buying my art and asking for commissions on many different canvases.

"I am also open for any skate shops that are interested in me designing skateboards for them. That would be a dream," she said. 

Art is in the blood


Aniqah said she's always been interested in art. She remembers she started sketching and designing from as young as five-years-old. 

"I wanted to be a fashion designer. I don't anymore but I'm still very much into art. I do mostly paintings but I love exploring new art styles like pen art, abstract art etc." she told Rojak Daily. 

Besides painting and coming up with unique ideas like batik designs for skateboards, Aniqah also loves dancing, reading and just hanging out with her friends - much like any other teenager. 

When it comes to art, Aniqah's mother Mimi Liana has some influence in the kind of art she dabbles in. 

"My mother used to be a traditional Malay dancer, and she used to coach me and my dance team. So I think my love for Malaysian traditions rooted from there.

"She always talks about the different types of batik around Malaysia and how much she loves our traditions, including songket and all. And I just got sucked into it," she shared.

At only 17, the young girl shows immense talent not only in creating art, but also using different methods and mediums. 

"I am only 17, there's so much more to do. And there's so much room for improvement. I plan to continue doing art and hopefully one day I will make a living out of something I love. Having my art up in exhibitions sounds like a dream," she said. 

You can check out Aniqah's Instagram page to see more of her work and if you're interested in commission your very own batik skateboards or something else even. 

Such talent at such a young age! We're looking forward to seeing what else she achieves in the future! All the best. 

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