[PHOTOS] BTS Fans Frame Up, Build Shrines For Their McDonald's BTS Meal Packaging

Such dedication.

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[PHOTOS] BTS Fans Frame Up, Build Shrines For Their McDonald's BTS Meal Packaging
Facebook/Penang My Hometown 我来自槟城

How much do you love BTS?

Earlier this week, fans of South Korean megaband BTS went absolutely nuts when fast food chain McDonald's released a special set called the 'BTS Meal' in collaboration with the boyband.

Malaysia became the first country in Asia to get the limited edition meal, so naturally, the hype was there.

If you've not seen the BTS Meal before, here's our very honest review:

But some dedicated fans of BTS are taking their fandom to the next level by actually treating the special packaging like treasure.

Treating them like treasure

Several photos showing fans framing up the special BTS Meal packaging have gone viral on social media.

The photos were shared by Penang My Hometown 我来自槟城 Facebook page, and it has since garnered more than 2,100 likes and 2,100 shares on the social media site.

Making sure it's clean first.
We know that fans are excited to get their hands on the BTS Meal -- which consists of ten pieces of chicken nuggets, medium fries, medium Coke and two brand new sauces -- because that's BTS' favourite order at McDonald's, but the dedication they have in preserving the special purple packaging is next level.

For instance, there's one picture showing a fan framing the paper bag that comes with the meal:

Frame it up like an award.
There's also one where a fan turns the packaging into a collage poster:

A little BTS art project.
However, nothing beats this homemade BTS shrine:

Pray to it three times a day.
While we certainly appreciate the love fans have for their idols, some netizens think that this is just a wee bit over-the-top:

Here's the full Facebook post:

Making a quick buck

Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, there are those who are taking the opportunity to make an extra few ringgit.

On Thursday (27 May), a day after the BTS Meal was made available to Malaysians, we browsed through several e-commerce sites and found that yes, there are Malaysians putting up the special packaging on sale.

In fact, there was one seller who offered just the brown paper bag for RM50 - more than triple the price of the BTS Meal!

Here's the full story:

K-pop fanatics, amirite?

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