Tajuddin Starter Pack: Here's Where To Buy His Fancy Face Shield And Facemask

He has everyone’s attention now.

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Tajuddin Starter Pack: Here's Where To Buy His Fancy Face Shield And Facemask
Free Malaysia Today/Prasarana

If only his manners were as canggih as his facemask.

Former Prasarana chairman Dato’ Sri Tajuddin Abdul Rahman received nationwide criticism recently after he single-handedly wrecked his own press conference following the #LRTKelanaJaya accident that left over 200 people injured.
His unprofessional mannerism and non-existent empathy in conducting the press conference and handling of questions from the media ultimately got him sacked from the post.
The Pasir Salak MP also landed himself in hot water with the cops for wearing only a super fancy face shield without a facemask during the conference.

From which planet did this face shield come from?

We also want one.
Fancy schmancy.
You can always count on netizens to do some digging for us as some of them have discovered where Tajuddin had potentially bought his quirky face shield as well as his facemask, which he wore during his rounds in the LRT tunnel, from.
The face shield is potentially from Vue Shield by Joe Doucet, priced at USD59 (RM243.91).
According to its website, the shield is worn just like glasses and has an all-over UVA and UVB coating to protect you from the sun's rays and provides full face protection from droplets and splashes.
So futuristic.
It even has a blue light filter to relieve eyestrain from screens. You can buy it here.
The boxy facemask sported by Tajuddin, meanwhile, is the LG PuriCare™ Wearable Air Purifier (yes, we too just found out that wearable air purifier actually exists).
The facemask has H13 HEPA Filters, dual inverter fans, and patterned respiratory sensor.

We’re not sure if the battery-powered mask is available in Malaysia yet, but it’s now available on Shopee for RM1,999, or USD249 (RM1,029) via this website.
So now, we don’t need to probok-probok Tajuddin anymore on where he got his COVID-19 swag from.

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