This Coke+Milo Drink Recipe Created By A M'sian Is Going Viral Online. One Question: Why?

Umm, no thanks.

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This Coke+Milo Drink Recipe Created By A M'sian Is Going Viral Online. One Question: Why?

Umm, no thanks, you guys.

Sitting at home all alone during a movement control order (MCO) will make you do crazy things, like coming out with new food or beverage recipes that no one asked you to.

Remember the whole Dalgona Coffee recipe that went viral last year when we were sitting at home during the first MCO?

Well, this MCO, another Malaysian has come up with yet another beverage creation, and this one actually sounds a little bit, umm, not appetising. 

Tastes like root beer

A Facebook user by the name of Amelia Khor has, for some really strange reason, decided to create a new beverage by mixing only two unlikely ingredients together: Coca-Cola and Milo.

The recipe was posted on a Facebook page called Kia!一起吃喝玩乐吧!on Monday (31 May).

According to the post, by mixing these two ingredients together, you'll get something like a Coke Float - minus the ice cream, of course.

The beverage is supposed to taste like root beer, the author of the post wrote.

So, you like to live life on the edge and would like to give this a try. What do you need to do?

Like we mentioned above, you need only two ingredients:
  • A can (or bottle) of Coca-Cola
  • A sachet of Milo powder

First, you pour the entire sachet of Milo powder into a cup.

Add the Milo.
Once you've done that, you then pour the Coca-Cola into the cup.

Add the Coke.
Give it a good stir, add some ice and ice cream (if you have any) and voila, you have your viral drink.

Stir well and drink.
And for another weird reason, the recipe has gone viral online, having been shared more than 13,000 times on the social media site.

Scrolling through the comments section, we can see that a lot of Malaysians decided to give the recipe a go, with some even sharing pictures of their creation.

While we do applaud their creativity, especially during these tough times, we think we'll give this one a skip because the last thing we need during a lockdown is get food poisoning.

If you want a recipe that's more normal, find out how you can create your very own Prosperity Burger ala McDonald's at home:

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