All The Free Things: 11 Brands That Are Giving Away Free Stuff To Those Who've Been Vaccinated


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All The Free Things: 11 Brands That Are Giving Away Free Stuff To Those Who've Been Vaccinated
As we all know, Malaysians love free things and discounts. There's nothing wrong with this, of course. 

With the national vaccination process well underway, there are a number brands out there who are offering free stuff for those who've gotten their vaccination jabs.

From discounts to free food to free books, here are all the places you can get free things and discounts from if you get vaccinated! 

1) Grab Ride

Grab Malaysia is offering discount on rides for senior citizens who find it difficult to travel to vaccination centres. 

The e-hailing app is offering up to RM8 off four rides to any vaccination centres beginning 12 June 2021.  

Find out how you can do that here

2) MyBurgerLab

We're not sure if it's all in our heads, but between all the writers in Rojak Daily, we know at least 30 people who have been vaccinated and almost every person has said that they got super hungry after. 

This is why we're loving all the discounts and free foodstuff that are being offered including by MyBurgerLab. 

Not only is the burger joint offering RM10 off their burgers, but they also have explanations on vaccines - how it works, why you should get yours and more! Isn't that cool?

3) llaollao

If you're afraid of needles and need some comforting after, head over to llaollao for some frozen yogurt and get 15 per cent off your bill

It's only applicable to  Medium tub, large tub, sanum, smoothies, smoothie plus, twin tub combo so do check your order before asking for the discount. 

4) Soyya 


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Who doesn't love a fresh cup of Soya? We know we do. Get your vaccination and head over to your nearest Soyya store to redeem a free cup of the drink

Only 10 cups are available for a day, so siapa cepat dia dapat!

5) Peekaboo

Treat yourself with a slice of delicious cake once you've gotten you vaccination shot at Peekaboo. 

Only one redemption per person while stock lasts, so keep your fingers crossed when you head there. 

6) Bo The Avacado

A smoothie will sure go down smoothly this hot season. Bo The Avacado is offering free smoothies for those who've gotten their vaccines shots. 

Only 10 drinks a day so just hope you're one of the lucky ones! 

7) Churitto's

Mexican food sure sounds amazing right now. Head over to Churitto's and show them your MySejahtera as proof that you've gotten your shots for a free taco and mojito

We don't think it's a very good idea to have alcohol right after your jab, so perhaps it'll be best to give a few days for your body to do it's thing before you indulge. 

8) Bean Jr

How far would you go for a bowl of tau fu fa? Will you go as far as to get vaccinated despite any misgivings you may have? We, and Bean Jr possibly, sure hope so. 

Get a free bowl of hot tau fu fa from now till further notice when you've gotten your shots. 

9) Souka

Kami suka that Souka is offering 50 per cent off your second item (cake or dessert) when you show proof that you have been vaccinated. 

The promo is valid at Souka Bake Shop and Mukha Cafe. 

10) Sunway Pyramid


As you guys probably already know, there are two vaccination centres managed by the Sunway group now so it's no wonder that vendors at Sunway Pyramid are also taking this opportunity to offer free things and discounts to customers who visit the mall. 

Some of the participating brands includes Dolly Dim Sum, Tony Romas, Secret Recipe, Tiger Sugar, and more! 
You can check the full list in the Facebook post above. 

11) RecommendMy

As much as each of us wish to adhere to the lockdown rules, sometimes things don't go the way we plan it.

For instance, our electrical appliances such as fridge and washing machines don't care about COVID-19. It'll give problems when it does. 

In case you have a need for home services and need to call somebody, RecommendMy has options for you and you can get RM25 off if you show proof of vaccination. 

Nobody is safe till everybody is safe

Herd immunity is very important for us to go back to the lives we knew, or at least as close to it as possible. This can only be achieved if as many people who can safely get vaccinated against COVID-19 get it. 

Please register to get vaccinated as soon as you can via MySejahtera, or at your nearest government hospital or Klinik Kesihatan. 

Don't forget to get your friends and families to register too! 

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