Welcome to the World's First EmojiCon

Where emoji nerds, smiley faces and grinning poop go to play.

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  • Monday, 7 November 2016
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Welcome to the World's First EmojiCon
Image: EmojiCon/Facebook
Recently, poop emojis and smiley faces took centrestage at the inaugural EmojiCon in San Francisco. Held over the course of three days, the event served as a platform for emoji fans, designers, officials from Unicode Consortium (a council of sorts that decides what is cool enough to be turned into an emoji) and vendors with emoji-related merchandises (*cough* an eggplant-shaped toy anyone? *cough*) to geek out.

There were photobooths for visitors to fulfill their selfie quota...

#emojicon @greenmo10 @anukool1 😂😍🍕👻🍷#onlyinsf Thanks for the 🎟tickets, @producthunt!

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An interesting display of emoji art...

Emoji art #emojicon

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A photo posted by Olivia Solon (@oliviasolon) on

Emoji-themed food that is Instagram-worthy...
And grinning poop. Grinning poop, everywhere.

Oh boy. Right outta the gate, when you walk in the door. #emojicon #💩#plushies #emoji

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What you eat is what you poop 💩🚽 #realtalk

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Portable pink poop charger #emojicon #lesters #poop #iphone #toptrenz 📱👛💩🔋

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I think I might be too old for #emojicon

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Another poop to add to the growing collection 💩 #poop #balloon #emojicon #instagood

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On a more serious note, the convention, initiated by Jennifer 8 Lee (yes, her self-given middle name is the number 8 – because it's a symbol of good luck), was also an effort to grant the masses a voice in the oftentimes closed process of emoji selection. After all, 92% of online users use emoji so it is only fair that they have a say in it.

In addition to talks explaining the emoji selection process and a bunch of other educational seminars, EmojiCon also played witness to a series of new emoji proposals including more gender-equal emojis; one by a 15-year-old girl, who is campaigning for a hijab emoji; and the preview of the upcoming dumplings and chopsticks emojis.

Now, excuse us as we figure out how to get nasi lemak bungkus as an emoji. What emojis would you like to see? Tell us in the comment section below.

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