S'porean Woman Encounters Creepy Figure Sitting Alone In The Dark During Night Run In ‘Haunted’ Park


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S'porean Woman Encounters Creepy Figure Sitting Alone In The Dark During Night Run In ‘Haunted’ Park
Facebook/Nur Umairah

Maybe the woman was just watching K-drama there?

There are many dangers to jogging alone after dark.

On top of not being able to see properly and risk falling into a pothole or being followed by dodgy people, there's also a possibility of seeing things you don't want to see.

Like this one Singaporean woman, for example.

Woman in white sitting alone

Nur Umairah, who is a regular jogger, recently shared her creepy experience on her Facebook page.

On the night of 6 June, Umairah wrote that she decided to jog on a different path, which include running towards the end of Pasir Ris Park, a park that is known to be 'haunted'.

However, Umairah didn't get the memo, and she would soon have a story to tell her grandkids.

Why is she there alone?
According to a report by Mashable SEA, quoting Nur Umairah’s Facebook post, during the night run, she spotted a lone figure of a woman with long hair sitting on a bench alone in the dark.

Without thinking much of it, she ran past the figure as she approached an infamous swamp area called Sungei Api Api, infamously known to be home to pontianaks and other supernatural beings.

While running, Nur Umairah’s curiosity got the better of her.

"Why was there a woman just sitting by herself? She was just staring at the lake. That area was very dark. Very dark. And no one else was around," Umairah wrote in the post.

She then took a photo of the woman and continued running with her earpiece on.

Started calling her name

That was when things got extra creepy.

As she continued her jog, she started hearing a faint voice calling out to her. The voice kept saying “Mai”, which is short for Umairah.

Freaked out, she called her husband and talked to him on the phone as a distraction while she ran.

Thankfully, she managed to return home without incident.

"I had goosebumps and the hair on the back of my neck stood… I know it wasn’t a human because there was no one else around," Umairah wrote.

How she wear her shoes then?
Upon returning home, she inspected the photo and to her horror, she discovered that the woman has no legs.

She shared the photo she took with her friends and family, and uploaded it onto Facebook.

The post, which has now been deleted, quickly went viral, and kind-hearted Singaporean netizens advised her to avoid jogging near the area due to the fact that it's probably very haunted.

On top of that, a fellow netizen pointed out another mysterious figure lurking in the background of Umairah's photo:

What could that be?
As it turns out, Umairah was new to the area as she's just moved to Pasir Ris in February, so she wasn't aware of all the spots she's supposed to avoid, especially at night.

Well, we guess Umairah won't be stepping foot at the park at night anymore.

Speaking of pontianaks, here's another story from Indonesia that would give you the creeps:

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