Woman Declared Dead Due To COVID-19 Stuns Everyone By Turning Up To Her Son's Memorial Service

Wait, what?

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Woman Declared Dead Due To COVID-19 Stuns Everyone By Turning Up To Her Son's Memorial Service

This is such a strange story.

All around the world, millions of family were forced to say goodbye to their loved ones who succumbed to the pandemic.

However, for one family in India, it was the complete opposite.

What a plot twist!

The condition of a hospital in India.
A woman, who was declared dead by doctors as a result of the coronavirus, stunned everyone when she appeared at her son's funeral.

According to a report by Mirror UK, the woman named Muktyala Girijamma was admitted to a hospital at Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh, southern India, after she tested positive for the virus.

Her husband, Gaddayya, would visit her every day, but on 15 May, he failed to locate Muktyala at the hospital.

He proceeded to ask the nurses and doctors on Muktyala's whereabouts, and he was told that his wife had died of COVID-19.

The hospital then released a body in a bag so that Gaddaya could perform the final rites, but doctors warned him against opening the bag without wearing personal protective equipment in fear of spreading the virus.

A mass cremation in India.
The body was then taken to Gaddayya’s village for the last rites and funeral procession.

Not too long after that, a grief-stricken Gaddayya received news that his son Ramesh had also succumbed to COVID-19.

Unsuspected guest

After performing the last rites for Ramesh, Gaddayya held a joint memorial service for both his wife and his son.

In a shocking turn of events, Mutyala turned up for the service, much to the shock of the stunned crowd.

It turns out that Mutyala didn’t die of COVID-19 after all, and she was majorly upset that her husband had not collected her from the hospital.

She also said that she had to borrow money from strangers to get a taxi home.

The family later learnt that the hospital had mistakenly released a stranger's body to them, and the identity of the person in the bag is not yet known.

Wow, this is such a strange story.

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