Japanese Teacher Lands In Hot Water For Literally Picking Up A Student And Driving Him To School


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Japanese Teacher Lands In Hot Water For Literally Picking Up A Student And Driving Him To School
Unsplash/Note Thanun

This teacher prefers a hands-on approach - literally!

We've all done that before; playing truant or ‘ponteng’ class for a day just because we don't feel like going to school.

However, a teacher in Japan did not appreciate the fact that one of her students is not turning up at school.

A very hands-on approach

'But teacher, I don't wanna go to school'.
According to a report by SoraNews24, a boy from an elementary school in Handa, Aichi Prefecture started playing truant and didn’t turn up for classes.

As time went by, he stopped going to the school altogether.

The concerned school teacher decided to take matters into her own hands, so she decided to pay the boy a visit at his home one day.

The boy’s parents were not at home when the teacher dropped by and the boy himself opened his house door.

The teacher tried to convince him to attend school again, but to no avail.

The teacher then did the unthinkable: she followed the boy into his kitchen, picked him up literally, carried him to her car, and drove him to school.

This teacher takes her role very seriously.
The boy’s older sister, who witnessed the whole thing, called her parents to inform them about the 'abduction'. The parents then reportedly contacted the school before the teacher arrived on campus.

The boy was then allowed to return home without attending any classes and the teacher was reprimanded.

"I wanted to create an occasion for him to return to school. I thought I was doing the right thing," the teacher was quoted as saying.

As it turns out, the boy suffered from an interpersonal trouble with his schoolmate friends, and his mother wanted him to stay at home for his mental state

The teacher has since apologised to the family, not before being reprimanded for "conduct that ignored the boy’s feelings".

While we salute the teacher for being concerned about her student, literally abducting a kid and bringing him to school is a little bit extreme, don't you think?

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