A Cendol Seller In Puchong Celebrates Birthday By Buying A Pair Of New Shoes For Street Sweeper

Such a kind soul.

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A Cendol Seller In Puchong Celebrates Birthday By Buying A Pair Of New Shoes For Street Sweeper
Facebook/Afi Ariff

We definitely need more people like this man in the world.

In these trying times, every good deed goes a long way.

A cendol seller from Puchong has earned praises on social media for going out of his way to help a street sweeper pakcik recently.

Continued working in worn out shoes

He would bump into the Uncle occassionally.
According to a report by Malay Mail, the cendol seller by the name of Muhammad Affiruddin Mat Ariff has noticed that a street sweeper has been going about with his daily work for the past three weeks wearing a pair of worn-out shoes.

In fact, the street sweeper, who Muhammad Affiruddin fondly calls 'Uncle', continued working despite having his toes sticking out from his shoes.

The 33-year-old told the news portal that would bump into the Uncle several times near a traffic light in Taman Puchong Permai, but he could not stop his car to have a chat with him.

"The lights had turned green and so I couldn’t wind down the window and ask him about his shoes," he was quoted as saying.

The Uncle and his worn out shoes.
One day, as luck would have it, Muhammad Affiruddin bumped into the Uncle at a petrol station.

"Luckily, I chanced upon him when I went to the petrol station a week ago and I asked his permission to look at his shoes.

"Although they were badly torn, I was able to figure out his shoe size."

A 'birthday' present for Uncle

On 20 June, Muhammad Affiruddin surprised the Uncle with a brand new pair of shoes, much to the shock and delight of the man.

Here's the best part: 20 June was Muhammad Affiruddin's birthday.

"For me, it was a small gesture because it was something I wanted to do for so long, and nothing like doing good on your birthday."

Uncle got his new pair of shoes.
The Uncle told Muhammad Affiruddin that whenever he gets his salary, getting a new pair of shoes was not his first priority as he would use it for his family and house expenditure.

Well, thanks to a kind soul like Muhammad Affiruddin, the Uncle now has a pair of new shoes.

Muhammad Affiruddin shared his experience on Facebook, and it has since gone viral, with many praising him for being so kind-hearted.

Thank you, Muhammad Affiruddin, for restoring our faith in humanity.

During these trying times, we need more kind-hearted people like him.

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