Doing It For The Family: Abang Rider Warms Hearts For Adorning Carrier Bag With Family Pictures


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Doing It For The Family: Abang Rider Warms Hearts For Adorning Carrier Bag With Family Pictures

Pictures of his family keeping him safe.

Sometimes, when the going gets tough, you think of who you're doing it for and that usually pushes you through the finish line.

This abang food delivery rider did just that.

Doing it for the family

A food delivery rider from Bangsar has warmed hearts on social media for sticking pictures of his family on his carrier bag.

The abang rider, who goes by the name of Khairil Latip Razak, told Malay Mail that the pictures were of his wife and his daughter.
Khairil, who has been working as a delivery rider since January, said he works the entire day, and he only gets to see his family at night when he goes home.

"To me, my family is very important as whenever I look at their pictures when I’m speeding or rushing to a destination, I remind myself to slow down to safely reach my destination.

"Their pictures serve as a reminder to me to always be responsible and be a safe rider so that I can safely go back to them," the 32-year-old was quoted as saying.

By sticking their pictures on his delivery carrier bag, Khairil said that it gives him the boost and motivation to earn an income to support his family.

Awww! Doesn't this remind you of this scene from 'The Simpsons'?

Such a touching moment.

Customers, fellow riders took notice

According to Khairil, his customers and his fellow delivery riders would take notice of the pictures and ask about his family.

"Some have complimented me saying that this was their first time meeting a rider who had pictures of his family on the delivery bag.

"Others, meanwhile, were encouraged to have their family pictures on their bags after getting the inspiration from me," he was quoted as saying.

After his picture went viral online, netizens said Khairil's dedication to his family warmed their hearts:
You're truly inspiring, Khairil! Please remember to ride safe out there, yeah?

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