UK Train Station's Resident Cat Appointed Chief Mouse Catcher After Three Years Of Volunteer Work

Well done, kitty!

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UK Train Station's Resident Cat Appointed Chief Mouse Catcher After Three Years Of Volunteer Work

Chief Mouse Catcher, at your service!

They say when you keep your head down and work hard, some one will notice it and you'll be rewarded.

This saying is true for one catto in England.

A well-deserved promotion

Taking his job seriously.
An orange tabby cat has been appointed as chief mouse catcher at the Stourbridge Junction train station in West Midlands, England.

According to a heart-warming report by Daily Mail, the catto named George received the 'promotion' after volunteering his service for three years.

Specialising in catching rats, George has reportedly been leaving dead rats for staff members since it began staying at the station after its previous owners relocated.

The station’s senior manager Simone Carter told the daily that George was close to supervisor Ian Tomlinson, who later brought it into the ticket office.

George started making itself at home at the office and it would wait for Tomlinson to finish work.

He even has his own bed there where he can take short naps.

Work hard, rest harder.
Carter added that its previous owners have asked 66-year-old Tomlinson to take care of George permanently as they were relocating.

"Ian would carry him home back to his owners, who then asked Ian to adopt George as they were emigrating. And the rest is history!”

Tomlinson wants to bring George home once he retires later this year.

"George is loved by everyone who passes through the station and quite often people look out for him.

"Over the years, George has gained a lot of love. We set up a Twitter for him and people from all over the place follow him," Tomlinson was quoted by Daily Mail as saying, adding that George already has quite a following on his very own Instagram account, @georgethestation.

At attention!
Taking his job very seriously.
"He’s received presents from Australia, Japan and even New Zealand. It’s phenomenal,” Tominson further added.

In fact, George is so popular that a local brewhouse has named a drink after him -  George’s Rail Ale.

Ahh, to be cute and lovable like George the catto, amirite? 

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