[VIDEO] Man Claims To Have Spotted ‘A Fleet Of UFOs’ on NASA’s Livestream From The ISS

The truth is out there?

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[VIDEO] Man Claims To Have Spotted ‘A Fleet Of UFOs’ on NASA’s Livestream From The ISS

Are those UFOs?

UFOs may be things from sci-fi movies that a lot of people have trouble believing in, but there are just as many who will swear by their existence

One such believer, who is also a ‘UFO hunter’ has claimed that he saw a ‘fleet of UFOs’ on NASA’s livestream from the International Space Station.

According to a report in Unilad, ‘Jeff’ spotted 10 ‘unknown objects’ while watching NASA’s live feed from the International Space Station (ISS) on July 3.

A YouTuber made it viral

He took a screenshot of the incident and sent the evidence to a YouTuber called Michael.

The report said Micheal is a ‘full-time Earth Watchman’, who watched the earth and tracks changes occurring on and around Earth.

Micheal then shared the screenshot on his channel and it has since received close to 200,000 views.

The screenshot received mixed comments from viewers with some believing it and some not buying it.

The report said some people seemed to think the objects were either alien spaceships or a secret government space weapons program, while others believe that there was a simpler explanation.

So, what’s your take on this? 

We believe that Jeff is not wrong. After all, UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object and the objects he saw were unidentifiable to him.

It doesn't necessarily mean the objects he saw were from outer space, but he's not wrong. 

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