Dad Look, A Flying Car! AirCar Completes A Historic 35-Minute Flight

Batmobile, eat your heart out.

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Dad Look, A Flying Car! AirCar Completes A Historic 35-Minute Flight

The future is now, you guys!

In times when roads are free, the sky sees a new vehicle.

Say hello to a flying car!

Transforms from a car to an airplane

Sports car on road, plane on air.In the air for 35 minutes.The fixed propeller in action.
Klein Vision, a Slovakian-based company, has launched AirCar, which completed its epoch-making flight between two international airports in Nitra and Bratislava on 28 June.

The 35-minute test run was piloted by Stefan Klein, founder and CEO of the company itself.

The two-seated car-aircraft runs on regular petrol-pump fuel and equipped with a 160-horsepower BMW engine and a fixed propeller.

The wings retract and the tail tucks in.
With a maximum cruising speed of 190km per hour, AirCar can fly about 1,000 km at a height of 8,200 ft.

The vehicle’s wings and tail can be retracted, therefore completely transforming from a full-blown aircraft to an automobile in less than three minutes.

After landing in Bratislava, the car was back on four wheels, driven into the city centre.

Scoring with its sleek and sturdy sports car outlook.Founder and CEO Stefan Klein heading back to city centre after a historic flight

Coming to a sky near us soon?

According to Klein Vision, the flying car has completed more than 40 hours of test flights.

The company is currently working on a model named AirCar Prototype 2, which will boast a 300-horsepower engine and a variable pitch propeller that gives it a cruise speed of 300km per hour.

A 30-year old dream of Stefan Klein.
The website also states their plans to develop three and four-seater models, along with twin-engine.

AirCar has brought the pages of science fiction to life. How excited are you about these flying cars?

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