Fashion Designer Uploads Unflattering Photo Of Vera Wang From Her 72nd Birthday Party, Goes Viral

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Fashion Designer Uploads Unflattering Photo Of Vera Wang From Her 72nd Birthday Party, Goes Viral

Spot the difference.

In this digital day and age where pretty pictures rule the internet, it is not uncommon to find netizens editing their photos to make themselves look thinner, fairer and more youthful.

However, getting caught red-handed editing your photos? That's a whole different matter.

Turned 72 recently

World famous fashion designer Vera Wang recently had fans scratching their heads as an unflattering photo uploaded by a fellow fashion designer went viral on social media.

Last week, Wang celebrated her 72nd birthday by partying the night away with her friends.

Soon after, she uploaded photos of her birthday celebration onto her Instagram account, and her followers were in awe of her youthful looks.

To be honest, we were too! Just check out the pictures below:

No way she looks 72, right?
72? More like 27!
She must have found the fountain of youth.
Party like it's 1999.
Wang doesn't look a day older than 30 in the photos, as she was not shy about showing off her youthful appearance.

The smashing birthday bash was attended by VIPs and fellow world famous fashion designers like Calvin Klein and Donna Karan.

Unflattering photo

However, Wang's youthful looks became a talking point again one week after the bash, but this time, netizens were beginning to question the authenticity of the photos posted by Wang on her Instagram page earlier.

This was after Donna Karan posted a photo of her and Wang during the party on her Instagram page, and the photo put Wang in a very bad light.

Like, really, really bad, as Wang looks almost unrecognisable compared to the photos she uploaded onto her social media pages the week before.

Here's the photo:

Vera, is that you?
Karan, who is also 72, even attached a sweet message with the post: "Happy happy bday Vera. Love you so so much xo DK".

Yikes! We have a feeling Wang was not really "happy happy" with the photo, as internet sleuths pointed out that Wang untagged herself from the photo as it did not appear in her Instagram profile.

Photo went viral online

In fact, the photo almost immediately went viral amongst Chinese social media users on Wiebo, TikTok/Douyin and RED/Xiaohongshu, many of whom left comments on Karan’s photo.

Netizens started questioning the veracity of the photos Wang posted on her Instagram account:

There were those who believed that Karan "did it deliberately", while another netizen said that Wang would not invite her for her next birthday party anymore.

Ahh, the age of social media, amirite?

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