Stare at Cute Animals All Day With These Live Stream Animal Cams

Reality TV: animal edition.

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  • Thursday, 10 November 2016
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Stare at Cute Animals All Day With These Live Stream Animal Cams
Image: Lucy Ray/Lifebuzz
The Internet is a treasure trove of the useful, the funny and the bizarre – which makes it the perfect place to fulfill all your procrastination needs. But after a while, all the funny memes, cat videos and sensationalised stories can get a tad bit repetitive.
However, we recently discovered another form of entertainment to distract us from our grown-up responsibilities: live stream of animal videos! What they are basically, are live stream of animals living in sanctuaries, zoos or even in the wild. The videos are streamed 24 hours a day and seven days a week, so you can ‘stalk’ your favourite animal anytime anyday from afar – a slightly creepy idea, but ohmaigawd, who says no to staring at cute pandas and penguins? There will however, be instances when you will be greeted by a dark screen instead because hello, animals need to sleep too. 

There are many types of animal cams on the world wide web – even one for cockroaches, but here are some that we love:



Jelly Fish

African Wildlife


Vampire Bats


Fish / Shark (If You're Lucky)


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