[REVIEW] Pizza Hut’s New Pizza Has A Crust That Is To-Die-For, And We Absolutely Love It!


So airy and so light.

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[REVIEW] Pizza Hut’s New Pizza Has A Crust That Is To-Die-For, And We Absolutely Love It!
Rojak Daily

Can't stop thinking about it.

If you’re a true pizza lover, you know what we’re talking about: the dreaded feeling of your tummy being stuffed to the brim and the guilt of walloping an entire pizza on your own.

Don’t you just wish that eating a pizza could be less...sinful?
Well, Pizza Hut has just the thing for you.
The creator of the iconic Pan Pizza and Stuffed Crust Pizza has just launched their brand new revolutionary pizza: the Hand Crafted San Francisco Style Pizza.
How is it different, you ask?
According to Pizza Hut, they have spent years in R&D to develop a pizza crust that’s crisp on the outside, yet light and airy on the inside.

To achieve this, the new Hand Crafted San Francisco Style Pizza is handmade fresh daily using sourdough that goes through a long fermentation process.
This process apparently creates open cell structures that “transforms the taste and texture of the pizza.”
We don’t know about you, but it does sound like a little bit of rocket science.
The result of this fermentation process is a unique pizza crust that is crispy and crunchy on the outside, yet soft, light and airy as you bite into it.

What does it taste like? We try it out

After making such a promise, you know we had to give the new Hand Crafted San Francisco Style Pizza a try.
For this review, we ordered the Creamy Chicken Fiesta Crispy Chicken Fiesta which comes with Pizza Hut’s new creamy carbonara sauce and slices of chicken salami and chicken pepperoni.
Visually, the crust does look different from the outside: it looks puffier, and crispier to the touch.
We personally love the specks of flour dust on the crust - just like on a loaf of sourdough - as it gives us a reason to lick our fingers after chowing down a slice.

There’s nothing really special about the slices of chicken salami and pepperoni on the pizza, because they are used in their other pizza.
The sauce, however, deserves a special mention.
Unlike their usual tomato sauce or cheese base, the creaminess of the carbonara sauce gives the pizza the right amount of flavour so that it does not overpower your taste buds.
What we love about the taste of it is that it’s light enough that it doesn’t give you the feeling of bloating or a full stomach after having, say, three slices at one go.
The carbonara sauce also matches perfectly with the chicken salami and pepperoni slices.
OK, now to the main event: the hand-crafted crust.
True to their word, the new crust does indeed feel airier and lighter compared to the crust on their other pizzas.
We love the first bite, as you can feel like you’re cracking the crispy shell of the crust before you’re greeted by the fluffiness of the layers underneath.
The crust on the Hand Crafted San Francisco Style Pizza has a nice chew to it, and that is something we truly enjoy.
We also love the subtle hint of a sourdough aftertaste on the crust, so kudos to Pizza Hut for making us feel like we’re actually sinking our teeth into a slice of sourdough bread.
To see if we can actually have the Hand Crafted San Francisco Style Pizza for breakfast, we left two slices for the morning after.
Impressively, the crust still maintained its texture and taste even after being left on the kitchen counter overnight.
If you’re not a big eater in the morning like us, having two slices is enough to tide you through lunch time, minus the feeling of a full and bloated stomach.
Pro tip: toast it up in an oven for a couple of minutes to melt the white sauce. We guarantee that you’ll never regret it.

Our verdict

Overall, the Hand Crafted San Francisco Style Pizza is a must-try for those who loves to munch on pizza crusts.
In fact, even if you’re the type who throws away the crusts (what’s wrong with you?), you ought to give this one a try because for the first time in a million years, the crust is the star of the pizza.
We love just how airy and light it is, and we just love the feeling of not feeling bloated even after we finish an entire pizza in one sitting.
If Pizza Hut decides to sell the crust as a standalone snack, we will be first in line every day.

You can now order the Hand Crafted San Francisco Style Pizza at Pizza Hut’s 418 stores nationwide through online delivery and takeaway from their official website, the Pizza Hut App, GrabFood or simply walk-in to any Pizza Hut stores for dine-in and takeaway.
This innovative crust is available in all your favourite toppings, in both ala carte pizzas, pizza combos as well as in a specially created 50 per cent promotion to commemorate the launch.
You can check out their website for more information.

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