Cheat Code: You Can Now Pay Grab To Jump Queue And Prioritise Delivery Of Your Food

Fair game?

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Cheat Code: You Can Now Pay Grab To Jump Queue And Prioritise Delivery Of Your Food

Get your food faster with this new feature.

We're pretty sure you've been there: you ordered your food through a food delivery app, but you would have to wait a bit longer for it to reach your tummy because the app decides to group it together with other deliveries.

Well, Grab is giving you a lifeline - for some extra fee, of course.

Get your food faster

Grab has recently launched a new feature that is akin to a cheat code for people with extra money to burn: priority delivery.

Like its name suggests, those who order food via its GrabFood service can now request for their food to be prioritised for a small fee.

The way it works is that Grab prioritises customers who opt for Priority Delivery by helping you find drivers ahead of other customers, thereby allowing for a speedier delivery.

So, basically, this is like pay-to-win lah.

Would you pay more for faster delivery?
According to Grab, this feature is only available if you fulfil certain criteria, so you can't use it all the time like it's some sort of cheat code.

The Priority Delivery option will only appear on the checkout page if your order qualifies for it.

Grab did not mention what criteria an order must fulfil to qualify for Priority Delivery (if we have to guess, it's most likely the distance and the amount of food ordered), but they did mention that the feature is not available for self pick-up orders, cash orders, business orders, and orders with delivery fulfilled by the restaurant’s own delivery fleet.

Compensation guaranteed

Get your food on time or get a voucher.
So, what happens if you opt for Priority Delivery but you're still getting your food late? Well, Grab has provided a 'guarantee' to ensure that you will not be too upset if that happens.

If your order does not reach you Grab will compensate you with a GrabFood voucher that can be used on your next order. 

You will receive a RM15 voucher if Grab fails to find you a driver, a RM10 voucher if your food reaches you 15 minutes late and a RM15 voucher if the delivery is delayed by more than 30 minutes.

However, do note that you are only entitled to a maximum of two GrabFood vouchers within 24 hours.

Grab will also cancel your Priority Delivery if they detect suspicious activities in your account, so don't try to abuse the system.

It sounds like a good idea in theory.
While this sounds like a good feature for those who are willing to fork out more to jump queue, it may potentially cause further delay for customers who choose not to use the Priority Delivery feature, especially during peak delivery hours like lunch and dinner time.

We guess we'll just have to wait and see how this pans out.

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