Sick And Tired Of Being Single, M'sian Woman Asks Friend To Find Her A Soulmate On Twitter

Best friends forever!

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Sick And Tired Of Being Single, M'sian Woman Asks Friend To Find Her A Soulmate On Twitter

Looking for love!

Social media is a great tool for resourceful people.

Nurunnawal Yem can attest to that.

Love at first tweet?

According to a report by Malay Mail, the mother of four found the love of her life on Twitter.

Now, she believes that the same platform could be utilised to find a soulmate for her best friend, Nurul Baiti Abu Bakar.

Meet Nurul Baiti, everybody!
Nurunnawal told the news portal that Nurul Baiti, who has almost given up on her search for the right man, turned to her for help as a "last straw".

Nurul Baiti asked Nurunnawal to "advertise" her on the social media site in search of potential soulmate candidates.

Without wasting any more time, Nurunnawal got down to business.

"Looking for a husband for my BFF. Said that she’s tired of being single.

"Looking for candidates who are: 30 to 40 years old, permanent job, matured, fluent in English, open minded and easy to talk to and a non-smoker.
According to Nurunnawal, her BFF is 35-years-old, loves to travel, fun and easy going, stays in Shah Alam and is the youngest of three siblings.

"A big supporter of Manchester United and a big fan of Formula 1, to those who are serious, please DM and thanks everyone for Retweeting this," Nurunnawal tweeted.

Nurul Baiti does sound like a fun girl, doesn't she?

Encouraging response

After putting up the ad for almost a week, Nurunnawal told Malay Mail that the response has been encouraging.

The tweet has gotten more than 810 likes and almost 400 retweets, but most importantly, 12 'applications' for Nurul Baiti to choose from.

"There were also those who messaged me on Twitter but then started doubting themselves because they felt they weren’t good enough for Baiti.

"I had to convince them to at least try, because who knows, if it meant to be, then it’s meant to be right," Nurunnawal was quoted as saying.

Now, it is up to Nurunnawal to sift through the applications and have a chat with the 'candidates' before introducing them to Nurul Baiti.

Hello, is it her you're looking for?
Nurunnawal said that Nurul Baiti has been single for two years now after several unsuccessful relationships.

"Now with the movement control order that has been implemented since last year, Baiti felt like she was wasting her time alone.

"She’s fed up with living alone and now she’s determined to find a husband," she told Malay Mail.

She said she chose to advertise her friend on Twitter because she felt that the people on Twitter are much more honest compared to other social media and dating applications.
"I really hope and pray that she would find her soulmate because she has been frustrated with lies by other men for so many times before.

"She’s really kind and loving and even though she’s a career woman, she is indeed a family person.

"And I think she is really brave as well to ask me to post something like this on Twitter and she has also posted something similar on her Facebook as well.

"InSyaAllah, with the right intentions, she’ll find her right soulmate soon," Nurunnawal added.

If you guys are up for this, don’t forget to slide into Nurunnawal’s DM.

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