'Something Stepped On My Bed': HK Actor Recounts Ghostly Encounter While Staying At M'sian Hotel


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'Something Stepped On My Bed': HK Actor Recounts Ghostly Encounter While Staying At M'sian Hotel

Spooky story, bro.

Take a stone and throw it at a crowd, and chances are you'll hit someone with a spooky encounter to share.

One such person could be a foreign actor, who recently opened up about his spooky encounter while staying at a Malaysian hotel.

Definitely not room service

Hong Kong actor Carlos Chan shared that he had an encounter with the supernatural while promoting a horror film in Malaysia a few years ago.

The 35-year-old told China Press that he was in a hotel room and trying to get some sleep when the incident happened.

Carlos Chan was pretty spooked out.
Carlos said on that particular day, he decided to sleep in his assistant’s room after the key card to his own hotel room malfunctioned.

As he was drifting off to sleep, that was when he felt a presence.

"When I was falling asleep, I could hear other colleagues chatting at the door. Suddenly, I felt something heavy stepping on the bed.

"However, it could not have been my assistant as he was not there," he was quoted as saying during a press conference with the media for the movie 'Raging Fire'.

'Hello, room service'.
Then, he reportedly started hearing footsteps and someone yelling at him to wake up.

He became terrified when he couldn’t move or open his eyes despite him being conscious.

At the moment, he did what we would also do at the moment: he told the unseen entity that he is very tired and he just wanted to sleep.

"I’m tired and just want to sleep for a bit! I’m sorry,” he remembered telling whatever that was bothering him at the moment.

After that, the unnatural being reportedly left him alone and he got the sleep he wanted in the end.

Other actors had similar stories

According to China Press, Chan was not the only Hong Kong celebrity who has felt the presence of something strange while staying at a hotel in Malaysia.

The report said that Hong Kong actress Jessica Kan Shuk Yi also had a ghostly encounter while filming the horror movie 'Ghost Net' in Malaysia with Chan.

Both Kan and Chan, as well as the film’s crew, had reportedly felt uneasy while they were filming at an abandoned building where some claimed that a rocking chair would move by itself.

Yep, that's a no for us, thanks. 

If you're in the mood for more hantu stories, check out this article we did where we talked to some Malaysians who've had ghostly encounters at hotels:

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