FamilyMart Has Just Launched Their First Ever Vending Machine In M'sia, And Here's Where To Find It


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FamilyMart Has Just Launched Their First Ever Vending Machine In M'sia, And Here's Where To Find It
Facebook/FamilyMart Malaysia

Let's go!

Always loved visiting FamilyMart but don't like the long queue at the counter?

Well, they now have a solution to your problem.

All your favourite food items

Popular Japanese convenience store chain FamilyMart has just unveiled their first ever vending machine in Malaysia.

The vending machine called 'FamilyMart Mini — Smart Kiosk’ was made available to the public on Thursday (2 September).

The Smart Kiosk is located in the in Shell petrol station at Karak Highway 2.

It has all your favourite food.
According to FamilyMart Malaysia, the vending machine enables Malaysians to buy their top favourite food and beverages at any time on the go.

So, if you love their Onigiri (Japanese rice balls), sandwiches, pastries and desserts, you'll love the vending machine.

You'll also find some of your favourite beverages, such as banana and melon milk, as well as our personal favourite - the UCC Black full body coffee, in the vending machine.

FamilyMart Malaysia guarantees that the food items are freshly produced and delivered on a daily basis.

Look at all the choices.
We're definitely spoilt for choice.
To make it convenient for you to buy your favourite FamilyMart items, the Smart Kiosk is automated, contactless and cashless, which means that you can pay for your purchases using your credit or debit card.

On top of that, the Smart Kiosk also features a giant smart screen that displays pictures of all the food and beverage items in the vending machine so that you can pick the items you want with just a tap of the finger.

Easy pickings.
We know what you're thinking: 'Walao, Karak Highway 2? Isn't that a bit far?'

Yes, we agree that it is very far. 

The good news is, though, FamilyMart said in a Facebook post that the Smart Kiosk on Karak Highway 2 was a pilot programme, and they will be unveiling more kiosks in the near future.

We certainly can't wait for them to unveil more Smart Kiosks soon. Next up: an oden vending machine?

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