Sabah Students Win International Storytelling Competition After Narrating Local Folktales

Way to go!

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Sabah Students Win International Storytelling Competition After Narrating Local Folktales
YouTube/Sirhajwan Idek

You go, girls!

It's confirmed: the future of Malaysia is bright!

A group of Malaysian students has yet again made the country proud by gaining international recognition!

This time, for winning an award at an online arts festival held in Barcelona, Spain.

Charming them with our folktales

A group of students from Kolej Vokasional Keningau (Keningau Vocational College) won first prize in the storytelling category by narrating local Sabahan folklores during the 'Paints of The Spanish Sun' art festival that took place on 1 September.

The students, consisting of Aldiedianie Alexander, Abbeylala Atirah Leminit, Beatrice Verus and Dedryana Alessha Vitalis, submitted recordings of themselves narrating a series of old Sabahan folktales aptly titled ‘Sabah Folklore’.

Aldiedianie told 'Three Boys and The Tombiruo'.
Abbeylala narrated 'Mondowoi'.According to a report by Mashable SEA, Aldiedianie told the story of ‘Three Boys and The Tombiruo’ -- a tale about a mythical guardian protecting its land -- while Abbeylala chose to retell ‘Mondowoi’, the story about a helpful giant who helps out a village.
Beatrice, meanwhile, told ‘The Misasawo and Hinava’, a tale of a couple awaiting their firstborn child.

Rounding up the submission is Dedryan, who narrated ‘Grandma Lampikut The Healer’, a story about a sick man who visits a "bobolian", a shaman.

Beatrice narrated 'The Misasawo and Hinava'.Dedryana narrated 'Grandma Lampikut The Healer'.
You can catch the full video montage below:

The 'Paints of The Spanish Sun' art festival was organised by the European Association of Folklore Festivals, and international artists as well as art enthusiasts from around the world were invited to compete in a variety of virtual art events.

Congratulations to the girls for an awesome job! Well done for the shining spotlight on our local culture, you girls.

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