Work Hard, Play Harder: KL Made The List Of The Best Cities In The World For A Workcation

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Work Hard, Play Harder: KL Made The List Of The Best Cities In The World For A Workcation

Ahh, we so need one right about now.

Working from home has become the norm now and many of us have adapted to the practice.

However, don’t you wish that you could be in a nice location while getting some office work done instead of being stuck at home?

After all, everyone needs a ‘workcation’ occasionally to recharge.

A ‘workcation’ is a combination of a work trip and a vacation that sees people go to a new destination and enjoy a change of pace, while still performing their work duties.

For people who desperately need such a break, you needn’t fret about thinking where to do as international travel search engine Holidu has released a list of the best cities in the world to go for a "workcation".

“We compiled the index by analysing a variety of factors that every wanderlusting remote worker will deem important, and we then identified which cities around the world rank the best for these factors,” said Holidu.

You can even compare them yourself

Not surprisingly, Bangkok made it to the top of the list.

Holidu described the city as being extremely affordable, packed with English-speaking natives, and full of things to see and do.

"The boom of Asian investment has led to many multinational companies relocating to Bangkok, meaning that the city now offers high-class facilities to international entrepreneurs and businessmen," read the description, as quoted in the report.

Other Thai cities including Phuket and Chiang Mai also made it to the top ten of the list.

The top ten also include New Delhi, India (2nd), Lisbon, Portugal (3rd), Barcelona, Spain (4th), Buenos Aires, Argentina (tied 5th), Budapest, Hungary (tied 5th), Mumbai, India (7th), Istanbul, Turkey (8th), and Bucharest, Romania (9th).

Oh, in case you're wondering: Kuala Lumpur was ranked at the 20th place in the city category, two spots ahead of our closest neighbour Singapore.

You can check out the full list here

That’s not a bad ranking, to be honest! Maybe next year, we can creep into the top 10, kan?

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