[VIDEO] Netizens Are Having Fun Teasing This Random Stranger's Resemblance To Kanye West

'Ye, is that you?

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[VIDEO] Netizens Are Having Fun Teasing This Random Stranger's Resemblance To Kanye West
Twitter/@LissaLaila & Vanity Fair

They do look very much alike, don't you think?

It is not always that you meet a doppelgΓ€nger, but when you do, you can be sure hilarity almost always ensues:

This social media user, however, had the perfect response when he bumped into a Singaporean who bears resemblance to a certain A-list celebrity.

Kanye, is that you?

A video posted on social media site TikTok has gone viral because multi Grammy Award-winning rapper Kanye West was spotted hanging out in Singapore recently.

Well, it wasn't exactly the "Gold Digger" singer, but a Singaporean who looks almost exactly like Kanye West.

Don't believe us? Take a look:

Is that really Kanye?
And here's the real deal for comparison sake:

Will the real Kanye please stand up?
We definitely see a bit of resemblance there, don't you think?

The 11-second video was shot by TikTok user @_r1yan before being shared on Twitter by @LissaLaila, and it has since been retweeted almost 5,000 times.

In the video, the person shooting the video can be seen teasing the Kanye West lookalike, who was riding a bicycle, by saying: 'Kanye, nyanyi sikit, Kanye! (Kanye, sing a bit, Kanye!)'.

The man took the joke in stride, as he laughed at the request.

Check out the full interaction below:

Netizens shook

Twitter users had a blast when they saw the video, with many agreeing that he's an almost exact split of the 44-year-old celebrity. 

They also had plenty of fun coming up with moniker for the lookalike:
Well, we need to find our very own Kanye West lookalike in Malaysia.

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