A 'Hantu Pocong' Hops Into Sg Buloh Vax Center To Get His Vaccine, Becomes Internet Sensation


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A 'Hantu Pocong' Hops Into Sg Buloh Vax Center To Get His Vaccine, Becomes Internet Sensation

Even ghosts are getting vaccinated.

It seems like Malaysians are trying to outdo each other when it comes to vaccination outfits.

Recently, we had a bunch of 'bank robbers' from the popular TV show 'Money Heist' showing up at Penang's Ixora Hotel to get vaccinated: 

Before that, some crazy fella turned up as a ‘pontianak’ - in full make up, nontheless - at a vaccination centre in Putrajaya to get his jab:

And now, we can add a ‘hantu pocong’ into the list.

A++ for effort

A series of videos uploaded onto social media site TikTok showing a man in full 'hantu pocong' costume hopping into a vaccination center in Sungai Buloh to get vaccinated has gone massively viral.

According to a report by Mashable SEA,the videos were shared by user @irdazd99, who admitted that the man in the costume was her elder brother who wanted to make his vaccination experience a little more fun.

And fun, it definitely was, as there was one video showing the 'pocong' being wheeled into the vaccination center:

bukan bukan je abang aku ni hahahahahha ##vaccine ##Fyp ##pocongvaccine ##AbangakuPocong

♬ Conquest of Paradise - Vangelis

He was then spotted hopping into the vaccination center to wait for his turn to get vaccinated, all the while being stopped by fellow Malaysians and frontliners alike who wanted to take photos with him.

abang aku buat hal lah 😂

♬ original sound - Dee 🇲🇾

And when it was his turn to get the jab, the 'hantu pocong' lets out a hilarious shriek, much to the amusement of the frontliners and those waiting in line.

In fact, in one of the videos, the vaccinator even forgot his own name when he came face to face with the 'hantu pocong':

Reply to @fizz2404 PART 2.. nie cik cong time kena cucuk 🤭💉 #ppv #foryoupage #ppvdewanmeranti2 #mkc75 #wealltiktokerss #fyp

♬ DJ Tutu Nadi Como Remix - DJ Nansuya

"The vaccinator even forgot his own name when faced with Cik Pocong (Mr. Pocong)," reads the caption of the video.

We know what you're thinking: how on earth did he get his jab when he's all wrapped up in his shroud?

Well, big-brain 'pocong' thought of that, as the dude left a big enough hole in the costume near his left arm for a syringe to go through.

##stitch with @jarimaniiss

♬ original sound - Dee 🇲🇾


We are definitely giving this dude an A++ for effort. We wonder if there's anyone out there who will be able to top this guy's effort.

Keep 'em whacky costumes coming, you guys.

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