Autumn-Winter Beauty Trends You Can Rock This Year-End

Because nobody said only countries with four seasons can wear these makeup looks.

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Autumn-Winter Beauty Trends You Can Rock This Year-End
Image: Shilpa Ahuja
We know what you’re thinking. You must be wondering, why should we bother with makeup trends from countries with four seasons when we don’t even experience anything below 20 degrees here in Malaysia (besides the highlands)? Well, why not? Just because we don’t have falling leaves or snow here doesn’t mean we can’t borrow some of the beauty looks that walked the 2016 Autumn/Winter runways.
Since we’ve pretty much entered ‘cooler’ days here in Malaysia with the insane thunderstorms we’ve been experiencing and whatnot, here are some beauty trends you can start rocking this year-end!

Smokey eye

Image: Makeup and Beauty Blog
Also known as the little black dress of makeup, the sky is the limit when it comes to a smokey eye look. Whether it is a cat eye or dark shimmery look, smokey eyes show off your peepers in a very appealing manner. It’s basically the main beauty look adopted by nearly every woman in the world because it is much easier to apply and more wearable. If you can’t be bothered playing with eyeshadow, you can smudge some black eyeliner around the rim of your eyes and you’re good to go.

Graphic liner

Image: Pinterest
If you’re bored of the same old winged eyeliner look you keep drawing on your eyes every morning, spice it up with more modern and graphic strokes using straight lines and sharp angles. Experimenting with new strokes can also change the shape of your eyes and give a new dimension to your look.

Neon colours

Image: YouTube
We often see bright, neon colours in makeup for the hotter seasons. Now, you can totally wear this ‘80s-inspired electric makeup in the colder seasons too! No matter the colour, whether it is a touch or tint, if you’re bold enough to play with oranges and magentas on a day-to-day basis, go for it and be ready to turn heads when you step into your office that morning.

Dark lips

Image: Christian Dior
Dark, vampy lips are the most common autumn-winter makeup trend. Dress your killer pout with blackened berry, plum, purple or red and you’ll instantly bring character to your face, even if you’re not wearing anything else! Perfect for those lazy days when you want to look polished yet effortless.

Twiggy lashes

Image: Pinterest
This autumn’s trend is all about thick, chunky lashes that help you achieve maximum impact with minimal effort. Remember the iconic Twiggy? Get her doll-like lashes by applying thick coats of mascara to both your upper and lower lashes. Don’t neglect those bottom flutters because they’re just as important! You don’t even have to fuss with false lashes as long as you invest in a good mascara.

Natural brows

Image: Fashionisers
Take a break from those ultra-defined brows and go for a more natural look this season. You’ll notice the style is thicker, fairly unkempt and without an obvious brow lining to fill those empty spaces. All you need to do is some minor grooming by plucking out those extra strands and maintaining a normal arch for an au naturale look.

Glowy skin

Image: Pinterest
In the ‘colder’ seasons, it’s nice to see complexion that actually looks like skin. We’re talking dewy skin with soft flush in the cheeks and subtle highlights. You can also bring out the glowy look with shimmering toners, bases and eyeshadows to add more sparkle. Enough with the crazy contouring and bronzing for now and let’s get back skin-like skin!

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