This RM800 dUCk Scarf Sold Out in Just FIVE Minutes. Here’s Why

Have you caught the dUCk Scarves fever too?

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This RM800 dUCk Scarf Sold Out in Just FIVE Minutes. Here’s Why
Images: dUCk Scarves
dUCk Scarves is no stranger to the Muslim fashion world. It is said to be one of the most popular and successful hijab brands out there. The scarves have been marketed as a high-end, luxurious fashion accessory. Despite its hefty price tag, the brand’s popularity has caused a frenzy and sent thousands of fans battling it out online and offline just to be the proud owner of these coveted scarves. Today, it's no longer just a scarf brand – dUCk Scarves has managed to branch out into other things by selling stationaries, and even their own branded hangers.

Just recently, Fashion Valet and Vivy Yusof announced that dUCk Scarves will be the official sponsor for the National Gift of Malaysia during the Miss Universe 2016 pageant happening soon. The gift, a KL dUCk Scarf in a beautiful shade of rosy pink adorned with 200 delicate and stunning Swarovski crystals, immediately won the hearts of its fans.

Image: dUCk Scarves

After the announcement was made, the brand teased their die-hard fans with what is in store next for them. As some of you may have guessed, dUCk Scarves released a very limited amount of Pink Swarovski KL dUCk Scarves for sale to the public. The sale took place this morning and within five minutes, the few hundred pieces of these limited edition scarves were sold out.

Image: dUCk Scarves
Here’s why we think these scarves sold out like hot cakes:

#1 Vivy Yusof

Everything Vivy Yusof touches, turns into gold… sort of. This fashion and e-commerce mogul has over 846,000 followers on Instagram, making her one of the most popular fashion influencers in Malaysia (and probably ASEAN). Fans flock to her Instagram page for daily updates and style cues. Basically, whatever she’s wearing, we got to have it. Her role and influence as the brand ambassador of dUCk Scarves helped skyrocket the brand’s name even further.

#2 Marketing Strategy & Branding

One thing that should be commended is dUCk Scarves’ ability to have their own identity and strong brand DNA. dUCk manages to build a strong relationship with its customers, which ultimately amassed into a huge loyal fan base. Their Instagram page is curated by a first-person persona mysteriously known as ‘D’, which many believe to be Vivy Yusof, although she has previously denied it. dUCk Scarves’ creativity and unique branding drove thousands of Malaysians to develop an obsession that they didn't knew they had.

#3 Limited Edition


The full video for you, dUCkies! As you know, we were selected to do the National Gift for Miss Universe 2016. This dUCk will simultaneously go to the hands of 110 countries at once and that to me is a big deal! What better way to celebrate than having a version of our National Gift for ourselves! This exclusive KL dUCk has a sweet shine to it with not one, not twenty, but TWO HUNDRED Swarovski crystals on it. Placed one by one and pressed to secure, each dUCk took hours of labour of love to complete. Swarovski has even given these dUCks its Brand Seal to certify the authenticity of their crystals, seeing how rare this KL dUCk is. Because it was so hard to make, this dUCk is highly exclusive with only a few hundred pieces made for the world. Not everyone will be able to secure this dUCk that made history, making it even more special. Launching soon! - D. #duckscarves #scarves #hijab #theklduck #theswarovskiklduck

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Admit it – who doesn’t love the idea of owning something very exclusive and highly sought after? There are only a few hundred pieces available plus, they come with Swarovski crystals! The shine on the crystals alone will deflect those haters and blind those who envy you. This scarf will definitely get people talking about you.

#4 High Value

It is uncommon for scarves to be seen as something of high value, but for dUCk Scarves, it’s a different ball game. dUCk Scarves are probably the next currency! Those who would do almost anything to own one, especially the limited edition ones, are actually willing to pay up to FOUR FIGURES! The scarves previously ranged from RM120 up to RM400, but with this latest edition of KL Swarovski dUCk Scarves priced at a staggering amount of RM800, only God knows how much people are willing to buy from resellers or personal shoppers. Just a heads up though, be wary of scammers who are milking the situation by cheating unsuspecting customers.

So duckies, did any of you manage to get this coveted limited edition dUCk Scarves? If you did, congrats, and if you didn’t, congrats on saving money for the next dUCk Scarf.

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