How to Ghost-Proof Yourself This Hungry Ghost Festival

Be careful. The spirits are out to play.

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  • Tuesday, 16 August 2016
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How to Ghost-Proof Yourself This Hungry Ghost Festival
The month of the Hungry Ghost Festival is in full swing. As the spirits make their way to our world for some R&R away from hell, we list nine ‘safety’ rules to keep in mind… unless you want to meet these otherworldly beings, then by all means go ahead and break them.

Vengeful drowned souls are always looking for new friends to join them.

A spirit may ‘wear’ your favourite t-shirt then follow you home when you take the shirt in.

If you hear someone calling your name from behind or if you feel a tap on your shoulder while you’re out at night, ignore it. It could be the spirit playing tricks on you.

It may not be wise to kill that giant flying bug on your wall—it could be your reincarnated grandfather.

The act of opening an umbrella indoors serves as an invitation for spirits to seek shelter under your roof.

You’ll likely see offerings and incense paper by the side of the road. Be careful not to step on them—it will anger the spirits. If you accidentally did, apologise.

Spirits are said to prefer walking near or sticking to walls. So stay away from their space.

Unless you want to attract the attention of spirits and have them follow you home.

There are higher chances of you being photobombed by a ghost.

Here's to a safe Hungry Ghost Festival, everyone. Don't go courting unnecessary supernatural danger!

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