How You Can Plan A 5-Star Date With Only Half The Budget

Don’t worry, you don’t need to sell your kidney to impress your significant other.

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How You Can Plan A 5-Star Date With Only Half The Budget
Tired of hearing “you don’t know how to plan a proper date” or “why am I doing all the planning while you’re doing nothing?” Well, those nagging days will probably be gone by the time you finish reading this article.

Why? Because not only have we compiled some great date ideas, they’re also very pocket-friendly.

How pocket-friendly are we talking about here? Well how about buy one free one?  We know, you’re probably excited by now at the sound of “free” because 1) we’re Malaysians and 2) who doesn’t like free stuff, right? Don’t worry if people think you’re a cheapskate, because you’ll definitely impress your wife, friend, crush, or even your rented boyfriend with your money-saving skills.

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So, save that unnecessary headache (and money) by following this simple guide on how to plan the most memorable date night ever without breaking the bank.


Image: Extreme Limousines
How do you up your ante and make a great impression the moment you arrive at your beau’s doorstep? Pull up at their house in a shiny, fancy limousine! Extreme Limousines offer limo services which you can rent for half a day or one full day; it’s entirely up to you. You can also opt for the pick-up and drop off option.

Cost saved: RM8,999


If your date nights usually consist of movie marathons featuring sappy love stories, maybe it’s a sign that you really need to spice things up. Instead of going to the cinema, why don’t you go out somewhere and do an activity together? How about trying your hands (or legs, in this case) at ice skating? Visit Pyramid Ice at Sunway Pyramid to help realise your dreams of dancing like Elsa to Let It Go while skating gracefully like an Olympic medalist.

Cost saved: RM20

Not a fan of ice skating but kind of keen on the idea? Well, you can do something similar sans the ice, at Roller Sports World in Bangsar Shopping Centre. If you missed out on the whole rollerblading phase during your childhood, here’s your chance to relive it.

Cost saved: RM34



Pampas Bar Old Malaya

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500g of big T-bone into the stomach 🍴🐂🍷 #tbone #tbonesteak #steak #pampas

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After skating into each other’s hearts – ahem! – we bet you’ll be all famished and exhausted. If you’ve built up quite an appetite, then it’s best if you head to Pampas Reserve Grill & Bar at Bukit Ceylon. They offer “a romantic setting amid lush greenery in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.” Google their restaurant and you’ll find great reviews about their dishes. Just looking at their menu is making our mouths water.

Cost saved: RM109


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If you feel like you want to lepak somewhere nice after your meal, make your way to Stratosphere, Bandar Utama. Dubbed Asia’s first and only luxury bar nestled on top of an infinity grassed helipad, the place is equally breathtaking by day or by night. There are plenty of Instagram-worthy spots you can take pictures from, so this is the perfect opportunity for you to put your #InstagramHusband skills to the test.

Cost saved: RM225


Now, who doesn’t like desserts? If you like to scream for ice cream, then these places will satisfy your sweet cravings. Choose between Jipangi, Moo Cow, or Gelatomio (or maybe all) and eat your heart out. Plus point: you don’t have to share your ice cream with your other half! Who shares their ice cream, anyway?

Cost saved: RM7 (Jipangi), RM11 (Moo Cow), RM13 (Gelatomio)


Ding, ding, ding! Welcome to the bonus round! Well, sort of. To earn that extra brownie point, why don’t you go the extra mile and squeeze in a spa session with your significant other? Check out Salus Spa, a hipster-ish eco-retreat tucked away in Mont Kiara. They have a variety of packages and treatments to choose from, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. Opt for their Royal Salus Treatment if you want to be treated like royalty.

Cost saved: RM358


Image: Avillion Port Dickson

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Can’t get enough of each other? Want to extend your date into a date-cation? Avillion Port Dickson will be the perfect setting for a weekend getaway. This award-winning five-star hotel has some fancy water chalets and mesmerising scenery. Need we say more? We’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Cost saved: RM599

Grand total saved: RM8,999+RM20+RM34+RM109+RM225+RM7+RM11+RM13+RM358+RM599 = RM10,375!

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