[VIDEO] Avillion Port Dickson Is More Than Just Your Average Beach Getaway

24-hour swimming pool? What?!

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[VIDEO] Avillion Port Dickson Is More Than Just Your Average Beach Getaway
Image: Flickr
Don’t you just love a good, relaxing beach holiday miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Then again, for some city folks like us, we can’t imagine being away from the world with zero internet connection and nothing else to do besides lying on the beach all day long.
So if you’re looking for a beach getaway with more than just some fun in the sun and sand, we might have the perfect resort for you at Avillion Port Dickson.
Marrying traditional architecture with contemporary luxuries, this award-winning beach resort houses a variety of activities suited for big families, kids, couples, and even an all-girls holiday!
The first things we look forward to in a hotel or a resort is definitely the rooms. At Avillion, you can opt to stay at the Beach Room or the Garden Chalet for some peace and quiet, or you can choose to stay above the water at the Water Chalet or Water Villa.

Need some ideas on what to do at the resort? Well, there are a couple of things you coud do:

1) Feed some cute animals at the resort’s resident Pet Farm.

2) Go fishing or crabbing - straight from your Water Chalet balcony.

3) Work those arm muscles and go kayaking.

4) Enjoy a relaxing massage at the aVi Spa.

5) And our favourite thing to do? Go swimming at not one, but two of the resort’s 24-hour swimming pools!

With so much happening at Avillion Port Dickson, you definitely won’t even have to worry about stepping out of the resort throughout your stay.

To see how it feels like to spend a weekend at Avillion, check out our video here:

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