This Russian Artist Carved 16 'Game Of Thrones' Themed Sculptures Onto Graphite Pencil Tips!

Our hands are shaking just thinking about the carving process.

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This Russian Artist Carved 16 'Game Of Thrones' Themed Sculptures Onto Graphite Pencil Tips!
The new season of HBO’s original series Game of Thrones doesn’t air for another four months or so and fans from around the world are already waiting with anticipation.
If you’re one of those impatient fans, don’t just sit around and wait for the season premiere, go across the sea to Singapore because there will be a very special exhibition dedicated to the epic series happening next month!
Game of Thrones A Pencil Microsculpture Exhibition by Salavat Fidai’ will be taking place from 22 April to 4 June at K+ Curatorial Space, Scotts Square. And it’s completely free!

HBO Asia invited Russian artist and sculptor Salavat Fidai to carve 16 Game of Thrones themed sculptures on graphite pencil tips.

Imagine the skills and details that go into this craft!
At the exhibition, you will find carvings of the Iron Throne, sigils from House Stark, House Targaryen, House Greyjoy, House Baratheon and House Lannister, as well as the Hand Of The King pin.

You'll also get to see the carvings of Cersei’s new crown, Drogon the dragon, the Three Eyed Raven, the Night’s King, a White Walker, the Titan of Braavos, the Weirwood tree, and two swords – Brienne of Tarth’s Oathkeeper and Jon Snow’s Long Claw.

Salavat Fidai is one of the world’s leading experts in miniature sculpture, creating intricate and detailed art on pencil tips between 2mm to 5mm wide. Besides carving miniature sculptures, he also creates miniature paintings on seeds and matchboxes.
He must have one heck of an eyesight!
If you’re interested to whet your Game of Thrones appetite at this exhibition, here are more details:

Date: 22 April to 4 June 2017
Venue: K+ Curatorial Space, Scotts Square #03-11/12/13, 6 Scotts Road, Singapore
Time: 11.30am to 8.30pm
Ticket Price: Free

The seventh season of Game of Thrones premieres  on 17 July 2017 at 9am, same time as the U.S., exclusively on HBO (Astro Ch 411 / 431) with a same day repeat at 9pm. The series will also be available on Astro On The Go.

For more information, you can also visit

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