Got VBO, Don't Care

Plus-size girlfriends, embrace your stomach and join the visible belly outline (VBO) body-positive movement!

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  • Monday, 4 April 2016
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Got VBO, Don't Care
Ain't nobody got time for body bullies! (Image:

Society tells women that it’s okay to have huge honkers and thick thighs. Big bellies however, should be avoided like it’s the plague because anything but a flat stomach must be tucked away from public sight. Well, we say, forget the haters. If you've got a VBO, rock it--because there's nothing wrong with it!

Thankfully, many women are standing up against the bullying—the fyeahvbo tumblr is worth checking out. Scroll down to meet more girls who are taking over social media with their lovely lady lumps and shutting down their body shamers…








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