This Malaysia-Based Company Has Been Making Your Favourite Games In Secret

The best part about this? They're hiring!

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This Malaysia-Based Company Has Been Making Your Favourite Games In Secret
Image: Facebook @ Streamline Studios

They've been outsourcing parts of your AAA games to Malaysian developers and you didn't even know it. 

Polygon recently interviewed Alexander Fernandez, CEO of Malaysia-based Streamline Studios who have worked on more than 250 AAA video games including the Gears of Wars series, BioShock Infinite, Killer Instinct, Street Fighter 5, and Final Fantasy 15 to name a few. 

According to the article, "Significant parts of American games are built abroad, at low-cost studios specifically designed to handle outsourced development work."

And that's where Streamline Studios steps in. Fernandez says that a developer in Kuala Lumpur might make USD12,000 to USD20,000 (RM53,190 and RM88,650) a year less than a developer in the United States.

The company Streamline is actually an American company but works out of Malaysia because the cost of living here is cheaper and labour is obviously cheaper.

Of the pool of talent in Malaysia, Fernandez says that, "When we moved to Malaysia, the experience was missing. But the talent was there and so was the ambition. Through mentorship and practical training, you can get the experience." 

On Streamline's "Portfolio" page you will that they were a key partner in the design and production of costumes, characters, and stages for Street Fighter V and built the flying city of Columbia in BioShock Infinite. Now on to the best part, they're hiring! 

Here's a screenshot of their site with all available openings: 
We won't go into detail, because well, they aren't paying us. But as a PSA, if you're a game developer trying to make it in the big leagues, why not give Streamline Studios a call? Tell them Rojak Daily sent you. 

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