14 Types Of People You'll Meet At A Social Event

Your 'kenduri' is not complete without them.

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  • Friday, 14 April 2017
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14 Types Of People You'll Meet At A Social Event
Social events are fun. They are also a great medium to witness the colourful personalities of the masses.

Based on our (sort of) in-depth observations, we have compiled a list of common characters one would encounter at most – if not all – social events!

Try to spot any that rings a bell to you! 


OMG! This lad – or lass, for that matter – just loves to talk. He/she can talk and talk throughout the whole event without breaking a sweat! Sometimes you just feel like putting a tape over his/her mouth to give peace and serenity a chance. But then again, you must admit that it is nice to have somebody who makes the effort to keep the conversation at the table going. Play along with it and the whole awkward silence situation simply would not occur! Win-win. 


Strutting in their heels with their faces all dolled up and their hair blowing gorgeously like in the commercials, they never fail to make heads turn the moment they make their appearance. While the guys argue over who looks the best between them all, the girls are secretly admiring their perfect winged eyeliner and the pretty dresses they wear. The glam squad; love them or hate them, you have to admit that they are quite the eye candy! 


This guy just knows what to say to make people laugh. Be it a lame joke or intelligent humour, he has the ability to get the floor cracking with amusement! He is that guy that you couldn’t help but think should pursue a career in comedy. You gotta thank him for making the event a lot more enjoyable!


Social events are a great place to build a wider network. With that said, it’s the perfect time for fellow entrepreneurs to promote their businesses. For those involved in multi-level marketing, it is also the chance to try and recruit some downlines along the way. Some are pretty straightforward about their intentions while others do it in a more subtle way. Either way, as long as nobody is forced against their will, it’s all good. 


As a person who holds the ‘single’ status, no matter where you go, there are always those who want to partner you up with somebody. Social events are where you will end up having to play the game you didn’t sign up for. These ‘cupids’ will stick by your side and tell you 1,001 wonderful things about the guy/gal they’re trying to set you up with and persuade you to give it a shot. Sometimes, the other party doesn’t even know that these people are hooking you up with them! For the sake of acquiring your personal space once more, you may eventually say yes to it. To those who face such episodes, may the force be with you. Don’t be so bitter! Who knows? It may just turn out great! 


“I live to eat” – now that is the principle this person upholds. It is when there is a buffet spread that they show the nature of their eating habits. They will be bringing an overload of plates mounted with food to the table, like they have not eaten for three years. At the end of the day, it really is not a problem if they finish what was taken. In fact, everyone would be all, “We ain’t even mad, that’s amazing!” But when it goes to waste, that’s when many would be displeased. No wasting of precious food, please! 


These people are a rare breed. They are the lucky ones who have mastered the art of being able to fit in with any type of crowd. The fundamentals of socialising are strong with these peeps. They know how to treat others fairly, when to give their say on the subject of discussion, what type of jokes to pull off  – this list of proper social interactions can just go on! Go ahead, throw them at any table and watch the magic happen! In five minutes or so, they’d already be good buddies with those at the table. A skill to envy indeed!


Usually, the people who fall under this category are just shy. They seem to be at loss on how to carry themselves during social gatherings. They tend to conduct self-talks to comfort themselves more than interacting with others. Sometimes, the nerves get too much on them that they can’t even answer the most basic questions from others who would just like to break the ice. But once they get comfortable, they’re pretty normal human beings. On the other hand, some are just quirky like that.


Beware of this toxic being. No matter what you do, you will never escape the wrath of his/her opinions. Whether you’re the host or the guest or just a staff, you will all be scrutinised and judgments shall be passed! Well, of course only the bad and the ugly are worth mentioning. There is no fun in pointing out the good. So, watch out for the members of this category. They sure do bite. You have been warned! 


Some people come to social events with a clear purpose of finding themselves a bae. It could be for a serious relationship or just to mess around. But being there at the scene, they would spend their time eyeing on potential candidates and executing the necessary moves to accomplish the mission.You can spot these troops from their attempts to pull off the ever-so-cheesy pick-up lines, to the showcase of their flirty winks and smile, as well as the hint-dropping but still playing hard to get act. The various approaches they may apply are infinite. Hey, don’t be too quick to ridicule them. You might just fall for one!  


This is the group who will stay together all the way from the start until the end of the event. They need to make their attendance a significant one. By that, it means that the whole floor needs to know that they are present, even if it means foregoing basic manners. From the loud conversations to the unison laughter (also loud), y’all will always be able to locate where they’re at. Many have learnt to tolerate such a group despite the fact that their actions could be really irritating. Sigh. 


No social event is complete without the presence of the cute guy. He has to be there. The girls would have their eyes wildly searching for him in the sea of people. Once set upon the target, the whisperings to inform their girlfriends about him and his attractive features begin. The next thing you know, all of them would have their eyes on him! However, it is sad to note that more often than not, the cute guy’s personality is not as charming as the girls would expect him to be. Oh well, at least he’s cute!


In the midst of a good time at the event, there has to be someone who doesn’t feel the same way. Maybe they were forced to be there; maybe they are going through a tough time – you never know what’s wrong. With their sour face and disgusted expression put on display, this person is likely to ignore your kind effort to cheer them up. Hurtful remarks complemented with mean sarcasm might be hurled your way too. Hence, it is probably best to not disturb such people. Go and enjoy yourself with the rest who aim to do the same!


There is always that one person at the event that nobody knows who he/she is. But the stranger will always be roaming around the venue like he/she belongs there. No one really brings up the question during the event but give it a day or two after, one after another would be asking for the identity of this particular person. Chances are, nobody knows and the mystery remains! 

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