5 Hari Raya Collections We Love From The 2017 #Zaloraya Collection

It’s never too early to go Raya shopping!

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5 Hari Raya Collections We Love From The 2017 #Zaloraya Collection
Images: ZALORA
Zalora recently debuted its latest 2017 #Zaloraya collection. Their collection is made up of their in-house brands Zalia and Lubna, as well as a handful of other talented local designers who are no strangers to the local fashion industry.

From exquisite prints, demure lace to minimalist designs, there’s bound to be something for every fashionista out there.

Having a headache scrolling through hundreds of Hari Raya outfits? Fret not, we’ve narrowed down five best collections (according to us) that’ll you’ll love to flaunt throughout the month-long celebration!

#1 Tom Abang Saufi X Zalora

Beautiful, vibrant pastel hues.The monochrome kaftan.
Simple yet mesmerising.
Tom Abang Saufi is back with a vengeance! She plays around with monochrome and pastel hues that complements her signature Sarawak batik motif. Her collection exudes a lively, cheerful persona with a hint of elegance and simplicity.

Whether you’re deciding on rocking a two-piece or a kaftan, either way, you’ll definitely catch not only the attention of everyone attending your Raya open house but your potential future mother-in-law as well.

Price ranges from RM350 – RM495. Only available for pre-order. Order here.

#2 Lubna

Pretty in pink.
Less is more in this monochrome palette.
Lubna is probably our most favourite out of the bunch for the sheer reason of it being highly affordable without compromising quality and design. They’ve got a very cohesive collection this year on what’s currently trending – pleats, baby doll cuts, lace, and prints.

Not only are they pocket-friendly, their collection also comes in separate pieces so you can mix and match to your delight! With their price tag, you’ve got your chic Raya outfits sorted for at least two weeks!

Price ranges from RM100 – RM289. Purchase here.

#3 Petra

Petra lebaran 2017 collection.
Flamingo or flowers?
You can never go wrong with floral prints.
Classic ikat motif.
Exquisite prints and simple yet impactful silhouettes dominate Petra’s 2017 Raya collection. There’s an aura of luxury in every piece, charming details, and prints that’ll never go out of style. Bell sleeves, peplums, ruffles, and capes help add a little more zest to every outfit.

Price ranges from RM275 – RM402. Purchase here.

#4 Kree X Zalora

Catching a ride to your crush's raya open house.
Laze around at your grandparent's paddy field.Balik kampung vibes.
When you've hung all your laundry and decide to reward yourself with a photoshoot.
The best #ootd wall ever.
Kree’s 2017 Raya campaign is probably the best we’ve seen so far. Set in your traditional kampung-house, it brings you back down to memory lane and the excitement of celebrating Raya with your family.

From posing in front of rusted walls to hanging out at your grandparents’ paddy field or ampaian baju, it definitely made their clothes stand out even more.

Their collection has a mixture of demure lace, bohemian-chic prints, abstract prints, and of course, minimal baju kurungs with a touch of grace. Kree’s aim is to make you feel very free in movement with airy cuts, breathable fit, and day to day practicality. They’ve even made a few outfits dedicated to those who will have to do the dishes at the end of the day.

Price ranges from RM398 – RM486.50. Purchase here.

#5 Zalia

Baju raya galore!
Blending in or standing out?
Heaven-sent fashionable fairies.
Ethereal goddess!
The in-house brand of Zalora debuts its Raya collection with their flattering signature silhouettes and pieces – kaftans, mermaid dresses, and peplum tops.

You’ll be spoiled for choice as they offer you not only clothing, but also hijabs and specially designed handbags to further complement your outfit. This time around, they’ve stepped up their game by using 3D lace details, intricate embroidery, eye-catching sequins, and timeless jacquard designs.

Price ranges from RM109 – RM549. Purchase here.

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