Fancy Getting These Pricey Designer Items? Here’s How You Can Get Them For, Like, 5000% Cheaper

Plus, we tell you where to find them!

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Fancy Getting These Pricey Designer Items? Here’s How You Can Get Them For, Like, 5000% Cheaper
Image: Balenciaga
How many times have you heard of companies selling rip-offs or imitation designer goods at a fraction of the price? Almost too frequently, right?

Well, what if it's the other way around? Imagine designers and reputable fashion houses getting ‘inspiration’ or blatantly copying things that have been around for years, or decades; items that were sold at a very reasonable price that everyone can afford to own it?

Well it seems like the trend is latching on among designers.

From bio-degradable tote bags to bricks you actually use to build a house, there are plenty of face-palm worthy things that makes you wonder what the creative process is like for these designers.

Too much to handle.
But the question is, are you willing to fork out money to get your hands on these designer-stamped items? Well, if the answer is yes, we’ve compiled a list of these so-called designer items.

But if you still want those items but are too broke to afford it, we’ve found an alternative for you to own it at a minimal fraction of the price!

Balenciaga Arena Extra-Large Shopper Tote Bag

Looks familiar, ay?That striking shade of blue reminds us of something.
This bag does look a tad too familiar, eh? Well, in case you’ve been out of the loop, this signature blue bag has been trending over the past few days due to its resemblance to Ikea’s Frakta shopper blue tote bag.

Yes guys, Balenciaga actually ‘recreated’ the tote bag and produced it using blue-wrinkled leather instead of the wrinkled bio-degradable material.

For those of you who are a fan of the designer brand, be prepared to pay up to 4,000 times the amount of the Ikea bag. Maybe you can consider getting it at Ikea for a Frakta of the price (geddit?).

What’s even more amusing is how Ikea handled the situation; they responded by posting a series of photos replicating Balenciaga’s campaign with some snarky captions.

"The big blue bag that started it all at a price that’s 4000 times more affordable."Unlimited edition.
"Authentic yellow-stamepd logo."
Balenciaga price tag
:  £1,672 (RM9,384)
Ikea price tag: RM2 (Probably even cheaper than a cup of teh tarik)

Balenciaga Blanket Square XL Bag

High fashion or sleepover style?Instead of fleece, this is made with lambskin.
Before the Ikea rip-off bag came along, there was this bag that bears an uncanny resemblance to what we Malaysians call the beg ‘toto’ - a bag where you keep your blanket or comforter.

And here's the thing: Balenciaga knew very well what it was since they’ve even named it the blanket square bag.

The only catch? There’s no actual blanket included despite the hefty price tag.

Made out of lambskin and adjustable straps, it’s certainly a class above the comforter bag we know.

Since we Malaysians have been using these bags for probably our whole lives, we must be kicking ourselves after finding out we actually own a couple of Balenciaga bags the whole time!

Time for bedtime!True!
Netizens were also quick to ridicule the brand saying that this bag is something you can easily find at pasar malam stalls or retailers like Mydin or Giant.

Balenciaga price tag: £2,325 (RM13,046)
Pasar malam price tag: RM40 onwards

Balenciaga Bazar Shopper XL Bag

Has fashion ran out of idea?
You can fit everything in it!
Balenciaga is really on a roll, huh? Those large tote bags we call as beg ‘guni’ that’s commonly used to pack large number of items is now a very, very stylish fashion accessory.

If you used to feel embarrassed carrying around these biodegradable bags, well, now you can wear it to the mall shamelessly, thanks to Balenciaga. Plus, it’s so spacey and convenient, it's perfect for your shopping hauls, groceries trips, laundry days or - gasp! - even hiding a dead body.

Forget getting the Balenciaga bag, opt for the original ‘guni’ bag instead, which you can commonly find at a pasar malam or convenient stores.

It will save you the heartache of looking at a negative bank account balance. Plus, people will still think you look stylish despite the borderline makcik-makcik look.

Don’t believe us? Just look at these people.

He's rocking the shopper bag look!
She even wore this to a fashion show, lol.
It'll definitely spice up your outfit!
Balenciaga price tag:
£1,595 (RM)
Pasar malam price tag: RM5 or more depending on the size.

Fenty Puma Jelly slides

Seriously, Rihanna?
It's clear that they've run out of ideas.
Rihanna has provided the fashion industry with a breath of fresh air ever since she collaborated with acclaimed sports brand Puma.

She managed to make your common everyday items - such as bedroom slippers with fur on top - look cool and wearable during the day.

And now, RiRi is back with another collection for Puma and this time, it's jelly slippers.

But not just any jelly slippers, it’s the kind of slippers we Asians have been using for generations to go to the loo or bathroom a.k.a toilet slippers.
Her previous slipper collection was snapped up within hours so it’s there’s a high chance that Rihanna’s designer toilet slippers will sell out in minutes.

In case you couldn’t get your hands on these slippers, there’s always pasar malam or Mydin, guys. (;

Puma price tag: To be announced, but it may be priced at around USD$90 (RM391) per pair.
Pasar malam price tag: RM10. You can literally buy 39 pairs of the slippers sans the Puma logo.

The Supreme Brick

What would you do with it?Maybe you can use it to kill your haters.
Would you buy a red-clay brick with a brand’s name stamped on it for a ridiculous price tag? For some fans, their answer to it would be “why the hell not?”

It’s beyond our imagination as to why a fashion line would sell bricks to their customers. What’s even baffling is that people actually queued up to buy this slab of concrete and then reselling it for multiple times of the retail price.

Listed under the accessories category for Supreme’s 2016 Fall/Winter collection, we wonder what will anyone use these bricks for.

Well, some people on Twitter had a pretty concrete idea what they’re planning to do with it.
Priced at USD$30 (RM130) a pop, it sold out like hot bricks and later re-surfaced on eBay for a whopping price tag of USD$1,000 (RM4,338.50).

Supreme price tag: USD$30 (RM130)
Contractor’s price tag: Our wild guess would be somewhere around RM3. Or you can just take the ones you see lying around the house and stamp your own logo on it.

Kanye West X APC T-Shirt

We're almost blind after looking at that price tag.Wow. So much fashion. So much design.
Kanye West is probably one of the most influential musicians in the world and if he wanted something to be done his way, he’s probably going to get it.

Which is why he ‘designed’ a plain, nothing out-of-the-ordinary white t-shirt as part of his collaboration with fashion label, APC, four years back.

For the amount you pay for it, you could probably purchase about 50 of the same t-shirts at the pasar malam.

The only design aesthetic to the t-shirt is probably Kanye’s name silkscreened inside the neckline. And that’s about it.

Despite how absurd it sounds for a plain t-shirt, as many of you might have guessed, it sold out almost instantly.

Looks like the person doing a lot of gold digging now is, Kanye, eh? Well, we ain’t saying he’s he’s a gold digger, but he’s messing with a lot broke n****s.

Kanye’s price tag: USD$120 (RM520)
Malaysian market price: RM10 or probably lower

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