What Really Happens When You Decide To Quit WhatsApp

Come join the exclusive club of non-users of WhatsApp! But be prepared for what’s coming…

  • By: Afiqah
  • Wednesday, 3 May 2017
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What Really Happens When You Decide To Quit WhatsApp
Some pronounce it as ‘wats-ép’. Some call it ‘wats-ap’. There are also those who are comfortable addressing it as ‘was-sap’. No matter how you say it, it all refers to the same thing; the instant-messaging application, WhatsApp.

Over the years, it has definitely made its mark as one of the convenient must-have apps. But some of us just do not conform to this calling and we speak on behalf of them all. 

With the recent fiasco over how deep of a trouble you could get into because of WhatsApp, perhaps it’s starting to cross the minds of some of you that it’s just not worth it. In case you missed the train and don’t want to risk going to jail for something you were not aware of, you can read more about it here.

On a side note, using the app responsibly would most likely save you from any unwanted situation.   

Anyway, we, the existing non-users of WhatsApp, have our own reasons behind the unpopular decision made. Many of us have actually given it a shot but figured that it was quite a hassle to handle! 

For a start, the strong urge to read every single message sent to every group we were in can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle.

It surely does not help when at times, they could total up to over 1,000 messages! Yep, it could get seriously out of control. Now, don’t get us started on the 'need to reply' part.

As the ones who have opted to take the road less travelled in this matter – as in, ditching the app – it’s safe to say that we are indeed a rare breed today.

Honestly, there were quite a number of unnecessary issues that we have successfully avoided simply by not having the app.

Makes perfect sense
Without it, you also don’t have to deal with constant notifications flooding your phone! Such peace! 

Its absence from our lives basically helps filter the unimportant stuff too.

These days, no one wants to spend money sending chain messages via normal text. With that, almost everybody who goes out of the way to actually call/text us the conventional way has something urgent or important to inform. Or they just really miss us! The conversations that take place are so much more meaningful. 

We must admit that we don’t procrastinate as much, too.

Of course, the trait doesn’t magically disappear with the uninstallation of the app but it surely did improve the rate of productivity. 

Here’s the absolute charm of not being on WhatsApp; we effortlessly dodge the bullet of dramas (read: fights and gossips) fired in almost every group chat there is! Woot!

Oh no, don’t get us wrong. Most of us have absolutely nothing against those who embraces WhatsApp. There is no denying its perks!

We just figured that we’re better off without it – or at least for now we are.

Well, if it ever occurs to any of you WhatsApp users to leave the application, be it temporarily or for good, please brace yourself to face the following situations:

1) Missing out on conversations that take place in that virtual space

…but then again, they may be conversations that you don’t even want to be part of! Not showing up at that dreadful event because you didn’t get the memo that was circulated only on WhatsApp, an app you don’t use, is pretty much a valid reason!

2) Having to spend a bit more on your telephone bills or credit

Yeah, this one is kind of a bummer. It’s always the deal breaker on whether it’s a go or a no-go on the plan to quit the app. Think it through, people!

3) Be prepared to explain to everyone you meet why you're not on WhatsApp

Trust us, this will happen A LOT!

4) The endless nagging/pleading/begging from your friends to install the app

“You should totally use it. It’s so beneficial. YOU CAN SAVE MONEY!”. “Just silent the chat. No need to read all of it. You can also leave the group. It’s so simple.” “Buy a new SIM card. Don’t tell anybody. Just use it to WhatsApp me and no one else.” Beware! They may even go wild and take hold of your phone to download the app for you! It could get pretty cray cray!

5) That crazy urge to reinstall WhatsApp

You must stay strong. Remember why you decided to quit it in the first place! If it’s still relevant, get a grip of yourself!

Ladies and gentlemen, to be, or not to be on WhatsApp: that is the question. At the end of the day, the choice is yours.

Choose wisely.

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