Topshop Thinks It's Okay To Make Us Wear Clear Plastic Jeans

What if we start sweating?

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Topshop Thinks It's Okay To Make Us Wear Clear Plastic Jeans
Remember how we talked about how designer brands were producing bank-breaking fashion items that we can get for a few thousand times cheaper at the pasar malam nearby?
Topshop decided to join the fashion party recently with, get this, clear plastic jeans.
Looks pretty uncomfortable to wear, no?
The fashion label first brought out the Clear Knee Mom Jeans in March, which basically looks like mom jeans with clear plastic patches covering the knees.
What were you thinking, Topshop?
Despite the confusing design and a USD95 (RM444) price tag, this pair of jeans was sold out!
Following the successful release, naturally, Topshop decided to go all out with the all-plastic design in just a matter of weeks.
I guess a professional model makes it look better.
They released a pair of completely see-through plastic jeans at USD70 (RM302) a pop!
We can easily dupe this look for not even a fraction of the price! (Who wants to give it a shot?)
We can use a clean wrap to recreate this look.
According to the product description on the Topshop website, it encourages you to “think outside the box with these out-of-the-ordinary clear plastic jeans – guaranteed to get people talking”.
It sure got people talking alright!
You can wear it “as a statement piece for a festival or costume party” or go the extra mile with “a bikini and sequin jacket or dress down, layered under an oversized jumper or asymmetric hem dress”, Topshop said.
We can kind of imagine wearing the plastic jeans the way the retailer described.
But seriously Topshop, how do you expect people like us Malaysians to wear something like that in our country that experiences nothing but hot, hotter and hottest weather?
We don’t even want to think about how it’ll look like when we start… sweating.
At the time of writing, the clear plastic jeans are no longer being sold on Topshop’s website.
Could it be taken down after being shamelessly ridiculed online? Or could it actually be sold out?
Whatever it is, if anyone is daring enough to wear this piece of “high fashion item”, come visit us at the Rojak Daily office.
We want a photo with you.

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