QUIZ: Are You An Annoying Malaysian?

Ever wondered how exasperating your inbred Malaysian habits are? Take this quiz!

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QUIZ:  Are You An Annoying Malaysian?
What? Us, Malaysians, annoying? No lah! Where got? As much as we love being in denial, we have to admit that as Malaysians, we have a couple of inherent traits that could be pretty exasperating. Be it our irrevocable love for food, our intense pride in the Petronas Twin Towers, or our excitement when it comes to free gifts, we can get quite irritating. And let’s not even start on our remarkable driving skills. 

We at Rojak Daily care deeply for you, and have come up with this quiz for you to see exactly how annoying you really are. No, you won’t receive a free Uber ride at the end of this, nor will you get 5% off on your next visit to that fast food outlet. 

Kindly read the question thoroughly and pick an answer that actually depicts something that you would do, not what an ideal version of yourself would do. And yes, you do need to count your points, don’t be so lazy lah


1)    You need to pick up your laundry, and you are unable to score a parking space in a crowded area of shoplots. Do you...

A.    Drive a few more rounds VERY SLOWLY, stalking pedestrians who may or may not be walking to their cars, unknowingly creating a little traffic jam behind you, hoping the universe will show you a             parking space [1]
B.    Double park. For a while only, what! [2]
C.    Drive to the nearest paid car park [0]


2)    You’re at a busy intersection, trying to cross the road. A good Samaritan slows down and signals you to cross. Do you...

A.    Wave ‘thank you’ and smile, and rejoice in the joy of small things as you cross the road. [0]
B.    Rush across the road, as if it is your birth right to cross that busy intersection, ignoring nice gesture from the driver [2]
C.    Stare blankly at the driver, and remain unsure if you should cross the road or not, creating a little traffic jam thanks to your blurness [1]

3)    You are at the ATM, and there is a long queue behind you. Do you...

A.    Take your time and pretend it is your first time at an ATM and decide to peruse through every option, activate your overseas withdrawal, do an interbank transfer and finally withdraw money. [2]
B.    Just withdraw the money you need, everything else can be done online anyway. [0]
C.    Withdraw the money you need from that card, and insert one or two other ATM cards. [1]


4)    You’re at a fancy dinner with old friends. Do you...

A.    Ensure every minute of this event is captured on Instastory so that all of your 800 followers can see how sad your life isn’t. [2]
B.    Photograph every dish that arrives and make sure you feed your social media accounts with it in spite of your friends’ rumbling tummies. [1]
C.    Enjoy the meal and the company minus technology, except for that obligatory group wefie while waiting for the food to arrive. [0]

5)    You are about to board the LRT, and it’s the dreaded rush hour. Do you...

A.    Wait around the painted yellow box until the passengers have disembarked, Singapore style. [0]
B.    Barge into the train the moment the doors open, in fear of missing the train that is literally right in front of you. [2]
C.    Allow a maximum of five people (but who’s counting, really?) to come out of the train before getting onto the train, some minor shoving involved. [1]

6)   You have an annoying ache on your lower back which doesn’t seem to go away despite all the home remedies and medicated band aids you have tried. Do you...

A.    Complain about the pain incessantly, yet refuse to seek medical intervention until a close friend of yours agrees to accompany you to the clinic. [1]
B.    Google your symptoms, and then fear that you might have a rare degenerative disease that could lead to cancer, and continue to live in fear and not seek medical attention, as you would rather live in         denial. [2]
C.    Go to the doctor. [0]

7)    You are driving along the North South Expressway, you are in the fast lane and there is someone hogging the road. Do you...

A.    Drive up to the car, almost rear ending it, and flash your headlights incessantly. [2]
B.    Maintain a distance of one car and flash your headlights once, cursing the driver under your breath [0]
C.    Overtake the car from the middle lane, and give the driver a long hard stare/honk as you pass him/her [2]


8)   You are a little low on cash, with the recent petrol hike and everything, but you feel compelled to do something special for your partner. You decide to go for a movie. Do you...

A.    Purchase standard seats and sit in the twin seats instead, only to be humiliated when the actual occupants of the twin seats shoo you away. [2]
B.    Purchase standard seats and switch seats 15 minutes after the movie has begun. Yes, the movie, not after 15 minutes of ads. [1]
C.    Purchase standard seats and be seated in those exact standard seats [0]

9)    You are at a restaurant with your spouse and your one year old baby. Your child starts acting out and screaming his head off. Do you...

A.    Use one of the new-age parenting techniques and let the child scream it out and calm himself down, oblivious to the irritation of the other patrons trying to have their meal in peace. [2]
B.    Attempt to calm the child down by giving him the pacifier/ipad/handphone/sugary treat he wants, and pray that he stops screaming. [1]
C.    Immediately take the child out of the restaurant, realizing that your child is NOT in the centre of everyone’s universe. [0]

Ready to find out if you’re the average obnoxious Malaysian?

Score: 0 – 6 

You are that rare gem that is far from being annoying. In fact, you can be quite pleasing to be around as you are genuinely concerned for others’ feelings. What’s great about you is that you value people’s time and personal space, although it may often go unnoticed.  You are independent, honest and sometimes a little too skema, in a good way of course. 

Score: 6 – 12 

It’s the thought that counts. Yes, you try to be considerate as much as you can, but sometimes people just get on your nerves, and you return the favour. Occasionally, you can be quite unsure of what to do and what may piss off the people around you, which leads to you having to do double the work you were meant to initially. You do need attention from your loved ones and you’re not afraid to ask for it. But hey, we don’t judge.

Score: 12 – 18 

That’s right, you fall into the MOST annoying category. It’s not that you don’t care about anyone else, it’s just that you care about yourself more. There’s no wrong in that, obviously. Your friends and family are used to this attribute of yours, and they love you nonetheless despite the occasional lectures you get. Yet you are unfazed by it all. The fact that you stand by your beliefs is commendable, yet incredibly frustrating at times.


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