21 Cool Things You Can Do With Your Mom This Mother’s Day

It’s not just the thought that counts, your efforts matter too!

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21 Cool Things You Can Do With Your Mom This Mother’s Day
This Mother’s Day, instead of taking your mother out to a buffet or dinner, why not put in a little effort and time to come up with a unique experience she’ll remember?

But since everybody’s mom has different tastes and interests, we came up with a list of fun things to do together. 


1. Make a scrapbook

Instead of buying a card from a store, put in a little more effort and compile some photos and notes of the times you’ve spent with your mom into a scrapbook.

2. Attend some art and craft workshops together

If your mom’s the type who loves creating things, treat her to an art workshop. From washi tape art to calligraphy to jewellery making, there’s no shortage of classes and workshops for the artsy mom.


3. Make her look like the star she is

Give your mom a makeover.
Most beauty brands like Bobbi Brown, M.A.C Cosmetics, and Shu Uemura will provide makeup services if you make a minimum purchase of a few hundred or more. So get a makeup artist to create a look that’s just right for the star you know she is. 


4. Make her favourite dish 

Unless you’re a chef, create something simple and hearty that will whet her appetite. Making her favourite dish, whether it’s French toast or fried rice, will give you extra points in her book.

5. Learn a new culinary skill

Learn new recipes from TV shows.
The Let’s Cook Italian workshop will land you some yummy mozzarella balls and a plate of chicken cordon bleu.  If you want to avoid the Sunday crowds, you can opt to stay home and pick up a few new recipes together by watching The Pioneer Woman and Barefoot Contessa: Back to Basics - free for all Astro subscribers! - by using the Astro GO app (which you can download on the Apple App Store and Google Play).


6. Go on a tea excursion

Whether you’re sipping from a cup of lavender tea at a café downtown or participating in a tea ceremony class at ISETAN, it’s all good.


7. Go French

Have a Movie Day together with your mom and the rest of the family. If your mom enjoys foreign films, take her to the French Film Festival 2017 that’s currently being held in selected cinemas nationwide. 

8. Catch the latest movies - at home!

Going to La La Land.
You could also have a movie marathon by watching newly released movies on Astro First & Best. Whether it’s a heartwarming animated film like Moana or a chilling psychological thriller like The Girl on the Train, there’s always something to watch together. Just head on over to the Astro First & Best website to purchase the movies and you're set for the weekend. (Bonus: The highly-acclaimed musical La La Land is currently FREE to watch for all Astro GO users)

9. ...or binge watch the latest Korean series

Fall in love with the same oppa with your mom.
If you often watch Korean series with your mom, there's really no better way to spend Mother's Day than to binge watch the latest Korean series on Astro GO. From The Dearest Lady to Super Family, there's definitely something you and your mom will get hooked on.

10. Karaoke 

Be your mom’s duet partner and belt out some classic melodies together at a local KTV.

11. Be a listener 

Nothing beats live music. The Kingdom Hearts Orchestra is in town. You could also treat her to a night filled with the music of Mozart and Beethoven on the 13th or take her to a place with a good live band.

12. Make it game night

Take out your old Taboo set and have a game of charades. Better yet, bring her to one of the many board game cafes in the Klang Valley and introduce her to an addictive game.


13. Be your mom’s personal shopper

Get your mom to play along and pick out some clothes you think would look good on her. Dare her to try a new style.

14. The preloved hunt

Awegallery is also hosting a preloved market so take her there this weekend if she likes things with backstories. Hit their official Facebook page for more info.


15. It’s time for a holiday

 Let mom chill for a day.
Have a staycation at a local boutique hotel or a dreamy Airbnb unit. Your mom's been working for the family all year round, so it's the perfect time for her to go on a short holiday.

16. Pull out all the stops for a massage and spa treatment

Be her personal masseuse if you’re confident and good at working out the kinks in her muscles. You could also take the easy way out and send your mom to a professional spa.


17. Make a terrarium

Or… create some living art at LN Fortunate Coffee Malaysia in Mont Kiara. 

18. Take a walk

There are so many beautiful public parks and gardens in Malaysia from KL Bird Park over to Taman Wetland Putrajaya. Let her have her pick. 


19. Footloose

Dance the night away.Does she have Saturday night fever? Get her onto the dance floor. LindyKL’s taster session on Friday is a good intro to the swing dance movement. More information here.

20. Stretch those muscles

If she’s always wanted to try yoga or learn scuba-diving or ice-skating, there’s never been a better time. 


21.  It's time to give back

If giving back to the community is important to your mom, volunteer with her at KECHARA Soup Kitchen, the animal shelter, or any local charity she supports.

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