Move Aside Unicorn Frappucino, The Black Latte Has Come To Play

This drink will make you question all the colours in your life.

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Move Aside Unicorn Frappucino, The Black Latte Has Come To Play
Image: Instagram / @rawberryjuice
So you’ve seen the Batman-approved charcoal ice cream that has become every unicorn hater’s dream come true.
Now there is a certain frothy beverage that looks like it came straight out of an evil Disney villain’s kitchen, perfect for coffee addicts with a cold, dark soul.

Charcoal latte!

This drink may look more like pure black magic, but it’s actually good for your health.
It contains a blend of coconut milk, honey and activated charcoal, which is an ingredient that helps you get rid of unwanted toxins in your body. Not only that, it also treats gastrointestinal issues and cures hangover.
However, do take note that this drink will only be kind to you when consumed in the right quantity. Remember, too much of something is never good!
Charcoal latte has only popped up in various coffee joints across the UK and Australia so far. But we’re pretty sure it’s only a matter of time before it gets picked up by hipster cafes here in Malaysia!
While we wait for the black goodness to arrive on our shores, check out these beautiful photos that will soon take over your Instagram feed!

Like if you need this Goth latte 🌚 (Regram from @sheisk2dala)

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