What's The Best Mobile Postpaid Plan In Malaysia That Gives You The Most Bang For Your Buck?

We narrowed down some of the plans offered by major telcos here.

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What's The Best Mobile Postpaid Plan In Malaysia That Gives You The Most Bang For Your Buck?
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Safe to say, Malaysians are pretty much addicts when it comes to using our mobile phones. Whisper the words “digital detox” to the average person and you’ll most likely be greeted with horrified looks and aggressive shaking of heads.
Thanks to our massive appetite for mobile usage, it is a huge market for telecommunication (telco) operators in Malaysia.
There hasn’t been a more competitive industry in Malaysia apart from the constant rivalry between fast food joints here. With major telcos unveiling the “best” mobile plans every other week, consumers are certainly spoiled for choice.
Ask anyone around you the phone line that they’re using and you’ll basically notice two different groups of people – one group that is loyal to one and only one telco, and another that doesn’t mind jumping from one to another every other month to get the best bank for their buck.

Often times, many of us aren't aware of what we're actually paying for every month when it comes to mobile data plan subscription (unless you're one of those who checks every single receipt and bill and calculates every single cent you spent).

And to be frank, the customer service behind these major telcos don't always give you an honest answer when you start questioning your monthly charges.
So with the plethora of mobile internet plans offered, which one is the best for us?
To make it easy for you, we’ve narrowed down some of the most comparable mobile postpaid plans that major telcos in Malaysia have to offer in one very simple and easy to understand chart.

And to make it even less confusing, we chose to compare the ones that gives more value for money.

Comparison of mobile postpaid plans between telcos in Malaysia (as of 26 May 2017).
Besides the comparison we made above, there are a lot more attractive plans that may suit people differently according to your individual preferences and requirements.

So before you subscribe to a particular plan, make sure you find out every nook and cranny that comes with it.

Happy surfing!

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