A New Yoga Trend Is Stirring Up The Internet And It Looks Out Of This World

It's almost ET-like.

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A New Yoga Trend Is Stirring Up The Internet And It Looks Out Of This World
Image: Instagram / yogainspiration
Alien Yoga is the latest viral sensation among the fitness community on Instagram and YouTube.
Based on an age-old yoga technique called nauli, it is a cleansing exercise that promotes digestion, strengthens the core and tones the body muscles.
And how do you do that?
It involves some rather strange movements of the human body that look straight up extraterrestrial.
To perform this form of yoga technique, you basically need to exhale completely, suck in your abdomen, tuck it below your rib cage and just move it in circular motions by contracting and releasing your abdominal muscles.
Watch the video below for a better idea of what we’re trying to say here (proceed with caution if you can’t stand unusual body contortions):

WOW! 💪 Incredible #Nauli practice by @aubrymarie 🎥: @aloyoga

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This technique can take between three months to a year to master (or probably never for this writer).
The best time to practise Alien Yoga is first thing in the morning when your stomach is empty. Of course, since this form of yoga is all about the stomach, it’s wise to do it before you eat or drink anything.
However, don’t attempt this without a qualified yoga instructor with you because intense contractions done incorrectly could cause discomfort, indigestions or even injuries.
So if you’re looking to try something more relaxing and calming, this is probably not the best yoga class for you.

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