The First Customisable Barbie Event In Southeast Asia Is Here In Malaysia

You can now create the perfect plastic companion of your dreams.

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The First Customisable Barbie Event In Southeast Asia Is Here In Malaysia
Images: Mattel Southeast Asia
Have you ever wished you had more diversity in your doll collections when you were growing up? Like, you wished there was a wider variety of ethnicities, hair colours, and occupations that your Barbie dolls can portray?

Well, now’s your chance! In this first ever customisable Barbie event to be held in Kuala Lumpur - the first of its kind in Southeast Asia, by the way - you can choose to be anything or anyone your inner Barbie heart desires.

All you have to do is use your imagination.

Time to get those creative neurons working.
You can be a brunette, a redhead, or even have purple hair. Today, you can be a movie director, tomorrow you can be a NASA scientist, and the day after that, who knows what else you will be.

So, how extensive can we customise the dolls?

Well, it's pretty extensive, it turns out.

You'll have a hard time choosing as you'll be spoiled for choice!
You can pick a Barbie doll of your choice starting off with its skin and hair colour. Then, you can style it with a wide range of fashion pieces such as dresses, tops, skirts, pants and shoes. Finally, take your customised Barbie up a notch by adding your own playsets or accessories to compliment it. Basically, the power is in your hands.

To top off your creation, your Barbie doll will come in a special packaging with your name printed on it. So cool, right?!

You can also take a photo in this cool Barbie box.
The event took off at Sunway Pyramid last week from 23 to 28 May 2017 and will continue at three other locations across the Klang Valley – Mid Valley (1st – 4th June), KLCC (8th – 11th June) and One Utama (14th – 18th June) from 10am to 10pm.

So, who will you be?
If you’re an avid fan of Barbie who’s been waiting all your life for this event, then be sure not to miss it. Who knows, you could customise a couple of dolls in every skin colour and you're on your way to become Malaysia’s largest Barbie collector, just like this lady.

Apart from customising Barbie dolls, other activities such as colouring contests and storytelling workshops will also be held during the event.

For more info, you can visit Barbie Malaysia's Facebook page.

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