After the RM800 Scarf, Now dUCk Scarves Have Got People Queuing Up In Front Of Pavilion’s Entrance

Were you one of the lucky duckies who managed to score yourself a piece before it sold out?

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After the RM800 Scarf, Now dUCk Scarves Have Got People Queuing Up In Front Of Pavilion’s Entrance
Images: The Duck Group & Vivy Yusof Instagram
Earlier this year, we wrote about one of the most influential hijab brands in Malaysia, dUCk Scarves, and how they managed to sell out a RM800 scarf within five minutes. It instantly caused a social media frenzy and became the talk of the town.

On Tuesday, they became a trending topic again.

After ‘taking over’ The Duck Group’s Instagram account over the weekend,their founder, Vivy Yusof, revealed their latest collection for Eid called ‘The Alhambra dUCk’.  

Their new collection incorporates Islamic tiles and calligraphy.
The announcement was made over a series of photos documenting Vivy’s journey to Alhambra in Granada, Spain which reportedly inspired the collection.

The scarf comes in seven colours – black, white, red, pink, gold, mint, lilac, and is priced at RM300.

However, it was the interest of its fans that caught our attention. Vivy Yusof shared a photo of people queuing up from the Pavilion mall entrance up to the Grand Millennium Hotel via her Instagram stories on Tuesday morning.

From the looks of it, die hard fans of the brand are willing to queue up before operating hours to secure dUCk Scarves' latest collection. We're not sure if everyone who queued went home happy, but no altercations or drama were reported.

The unique design is definitely a head-turner!
The collection has sold out both online and offline and they've reassured fans that there will be a restock soon. However, we found out that some people are already reselling them for double the price.

After pictures of the queue emerged online, it really piqued people's curiousity of the brand as they were baffled to know that in this economy, people are still willing to fork out a hefty amount of money for a scarf. Well, at least business is good for The Duck Group.
Crazy or not, maybe we can compare this event to guys queuing up to get their hands on a pair of Yeezys or the latest iPhone.

Basically, everyone is willing to do almost anything to get something that they really, really want. So, are you one of those people?

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